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David Mann.

Being engaged in design of this site, looking for pictures on the biker theme. Not so much art managed to get in an Internet. And so, accidentally stumbled on a collection of works by American artist David Mann.

They seemed to me quite yet entertaining. A little naive. It’s like somewhere chance to hear the sound of Uriah Heep, or Animals, like an echo of the 60’s. An echo of the past lugging his banner of rock and roll. Where hippies — flower children, and bikers — big kids roads. Frankly, after seeing these (though not even a very intricate images), even as the mood — it has risen. What we know about American artists? Personally, I am familiar only with the work of Andy Warhol, that’s all perhaps.

So, I represent your attention — David Mann, he is the most famous and popular artist, risuyuschim on temu.Kazhdy biker who was flipping through and reading (who do not have problems with English) magazine Easyriders could see his work, printed in poster form on the domestic turn. Art Mann clearly and vividly reflect the humor, charm, challenges and romance bikers life. Читать далее

The last motorcycle David Mann.

We are all mortal, alas, September 11, 2004, in Kansas City, died David Mann — Artist, which can be called a painter of the biker culture. He was just a biker and only drew people on motorcycles. But how he did it! His paintings have forced people to barter without regret everything that they had, for a good chopper and an endless road. Mann died the following day after he turned 64 — the magic figure for the generation of The Beatles, signifying the arrival of old age. But this is so, by the way …

Among the fans was David Mann Paul Totul Sr. — a leading and main generator of ideas of «American Chopper», and concurrently head of the family company for production of unique design choppers. Читать далее