David Mann.

Being engaged in design of this site, looking for pictures on the biker theme. Not so much art managed to get in an Internet. And so, accidentally stumbled on a collection of works by American artist David Mann.

They seemed to me quite yet entertaining. A little naive. It’s like somewhere chance to hear the sound of Uriah Heep, or Animals, like an echo of the 60’s. An echo of the past lugging his banner of rock and roll. Where hippies — flower children, and bikers — big kids roads. Frankly, after seeing these (though not even a very intricate images), even as the mood — it has risen. What we know about American artists? Personally, I am familiar only with the work of Andy Warhol, that’s all perhaps.

So, I represent your attention — David Mann, he is the most famous and popular artist, risuyuschim on temu.Kazhdy biker who was flipping through and reading (who do not have problems with English) magazine Easyriders could see his work, printed in poster form on the domestic turn. Art Mann clearly and vividly reflect the humor, charm, challenges and romance bikers life.

David Mann was born in 1940 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA in the family of artist Paul Mann. During high school, David began to make sketches in pencil, drawing cars. Under the rhythms of rock ‘n’ roll he depicted images of the Pacific Coast: white sandy beaches, ladies in bikinis, palm trees, luxury cars and custom hot-rods. Through these sketches Mann received his first order for custom-car shop in Kansas City. Fascinated by the West Coast, after leaving school, David and his best friend Al Burnett left for Santa Monica, California. While enjoying the rock ‘n’ roll and opening for a country of miracles, Mann moved across the bay and found the interior custom-cars, where before his eyes appeared motorcycles — cheppery. These machines and their mad creators captivated David.

Soon after David had left Los Angeles and returned to Kansas City, where once bought his first Harley-Davidson motorcycle in 1948 for $ 350. At the same time using opaque watercolors, he created his first painting — «Hollywood Run». Mann’s first painting was possible shortcomings in the depiction of details, but this gap is being filled very mood is the artist. It was unbridled and wild display of freedom, violent bikes roll with the Hollywood hills. David caught the very essence of riders chepperov that time.

In 1963, David Mann came on his custom Harley, and with his picture for participation in «Kansas City Custom Car Show». Motorcycle David was the only one exhibited at the show. It was a novelty, and judges have created a new class and a prize. At the same show motorcycle noticed Tiny — outlav biker from Sioks City, Iowa. President of a small outlav club bikers — Tiny — became a mentor Mann. Soon after David joined the club. Tiny photographed picture of David and sent a shot in California editor Ed Roth — creator of custom-car and motorcycle and publisher of the journal «Chopper». Roth bought the picture and published it as a poster. «TheTecate Run» — was the second work of Mann. She also was published by Roth in the form of a poster. At the urging of Ed Roth, David made a second trip to California and visited outlav ranch in San Bernardino, where he met with the legends of the biker world. Absorbed in a mysterious way of life biker 60’s, David painted 14 works for Roth, ten of which were published.

In 1965, Mann joined the postal department Scheffer Studios in Kansas City, where he met with the architect Daivam Poole, who told him about the bike dolled up in green. It was a motorcycle Mann. The next day, David came to his wild Harley to work, this time between Mann and Poole strong friendship ensued.

When he saw talent in Mann, Poole taught him the basics of architecture and the Treatment of ayrografom, which the artist, in consequence, often used to create his paintings. By 1967, David has mastered the basic architectural principles, precise measurements and mechanical perspective. He graduated from the Art Institute in Kansas City. In the late 60’s Scheffer Studios moved to Florida, and David was left to its own.

He studied Dali’s surrealism, fantasy, the use of gouache and acrylics. His efforts have borne fruit. Mann began to collect «best-of-show» in Seminole Springs and Dunedin. His name became known throughout the country.

A little biography of David, but from another source:

The man, whose works reflect the whole of life «riders Roads», from the amusing everyday scenes to embody fantasies and legends. In his paintings, to the impressive realism more similar to photography, fly into the distance men like Visitor have the verge of the horizon, those for whom the course of the road and blood flow in the veins — the music of the same nature. Their reality — dreams for many, their iron horses — the embodiment of strength, their women are beautiful and gentle. His name — David Mann.

David was born in Kansas City (Missouri, USA) in 1940. His talent can be in the full sense of the word called hereditary, as David’s father, Paul Mann, his life was engaged in painting and was a member of the London Society of Artists.

The first pencil sketches, Dave started to do more learning in secondary school. These were the golden days of rock ‘n’ roll: a sparkling world of white sand and magnificent palm trees, the beauties in bikinis and hot-birth «. A world where the voices cheerful Beach Boys and the rebellious Jerry Lee Lewis. These sketches were so successful that a novice artist soon had the chance to first try their hand at serious work — he made some orders Airbrush style «castom-painting» for a local car dealership, owned by Doug Thompson and Ray Hetrick. That was in 1957.

After finishing school in the late 50’s, realizing that the drawing is his vocation, David enrolled in the initial painting course at the Institute of Art in Kansas City. Unfortunately, the students were disappointed by the cool and the studies lasted not too long: it turned out that the teacher has the subject of a very superficial and most of the students as clearly superior to him in talent and skill. But this does not mean that Dave is so easy to give up and abandon its dreams.

Thirst for adventure and desire something radically change in life take over, and one day the candy red and pearl white Shevi-coupe took David to the company with your best friend Alom Barnet, such as an adventurer at heart, to meet the temptations of the West coast.

Santa Monica … It is here in the store «Bay Area Mufflers» Dave first saw the motorcycle, struck his imagination, ever took him prisoner. These were the choppers: the incredible incomprehensible «monsters», whose membership in a decent family «Harley-Davidson» could identify only a very attentive and sophisticated look. Savages among the motorcycles, these machines are distinguished by a sound like thunder, awe-inspiring power of his animal. Bizarre twists booster, straight-stem forks, radical Customizing … All this gave them so fascinating charm that Mann was totally fascinated.

Returning after this trip home to Kansas City, David bought his first motorcycle: Harley-Davidson «Panhead» in 1948 for only $ 350. And with this bike, painted with his own and given the name «Hollywood Run», he ventured to take part in «Kansas City Custom Car Show» in 1963. This bike was only shown on the show, and generally unique. He made a shocking impression on the public that judges are even introduced a new nomination and was awarded a special prize to David. Perhaps, hypercritical gaze in this painting was much better mood than skill, but this work like conjures up a vision of soaring above the Hollywood Hills indomitable unreal mustangs. This was embodied embodiment of the wild, jaunty «Hollywood rebel,» similar to those he saw in California.

On the show «Hollywood Run» noticed not only the judge and come to gaze at the strange visitors car. In the same meeting, which had a major impact on the further turn of events in the life of a young artist. It was a very impressive build, wearing a paradox for growth nicknamed Tiny («Tiny») — the president of a small club of outlaw-Sioux City, Iowa.

He, literally, took an active part in the life and career of David: I gave patronage when joining the club (although Mann and became only the eighth member), put it in terms of isolated from the outside world motorcycle «outlaw» and sent Polaroid work by David eccentric Ed «Big Daddy» Roth, creator of custom-car and publisher of the first chopper magazine from California.

«Big Daddy» immediately sensed a real potential of this idea, because the pictures on mototematiku were new and fresh breakthrough in the art, and without thinking bought the first picture of David. «The Tecate Run» was the second work that David has created a «union» with Ed, and it became the basis for published posters, which may be the real antiques in the history of biker culture.

With «blessing» Ed, Mann took second trip to California to once again plunge into the atmosphere of being wild reckless «easyriders». This time it was San Bernardino, a place where one of the farm became a place of permanent deployment of motorcyclists. Then came another 14 works by David, imbued with a mixed picture of dark and bright sides of biker life, the spirit of brotherhood and the host.

These were troubled 60-ies, and David became a kind of chronicle of those years, investing in the picture his personal experience and opinion, reflecting the dreams and nightmares of their «brothers on the steering wheel. Is it any wonder that ten of these works immediately took the turnover enterprising «Big Daddy» and they just went to the foundation of a new series of posters.

The success was evident, but even the natural gift Mann demanded polishing and enhancing the knowledge and skill. In this he has provided considerable assistance from Dave Poole «Sheffer Studios» in Kansas City, where the artist returned from trips to California. In 1965, David Mann settled there to work in the shipping department, and a chance conversation with a new colleague, he heard from an enthusiastic account of the stunning green bike, which he had seen somewhere. It turned out that the glory of the motorcycle ahead of the glory of his master, and the next day when David came to work on his «Harley» has proved that this particular device Poole and mean. Funny coincidence, but just that they began their friendship, which not only brought Mann pleasure of communicating with their peers, but also gave him an opportunity to improve their skills as a professional artist. Dave Poole began to teach him the basics of architectural education and the technique of airbrushing, which David so actively began to use in his work. The laws of perspective, the nuances of the image, play of reflections and the smallest detail — a thorough study of all this, in addition to developing incredible unreal backdrops and original fresh look at the track, and led to the fact that Mann has acquired and honed his own unique «brand» identity.

By the time the «Sheffer Studios» crossed into Kleruoter (Florida), David returned to teaching at the Institute of Art in Kansas City. He began to try to force in dealing with different objects and styles. Idol and an example for the young artist was a magician of surrealism, Salvador Dali, Mann learned a lot and out of style «fantasy,» becoming a motomire the same «master of illusion», as Boris Valeggio for the rest of the world. In the working arsenal includes David gouache and acrylic paints. Work is increasingly becoming known: the show in Simenol Springs and Dunedin collection of honorary awards, which honored the artist looked very impressive. His name was even mentioned in a number of such outstanding masters as Norman Rokueell and Leroy Neiman.

In 1971, David’s brother-in-law told him that, more recently, the magazine invites you to the work of the artist. The event, at first glance, not great value, if it was not «EASYRIDER». The publication, on pages where you can dive into the world of motorcycles, from standard to the most revolutionary, where reigned the men in black leather and beautiful girlfriend, where there was a place for serious stories, and fun. Journal of bikers and for them. And, of course, David had to try to join this team because for him this world was so close and understandable. He just lived it and breathed his wind. Needless to say, than the end of this attempt, it is well known that for over thirty years thereafter, namely, David Mann, «set the tone» in a magazine with a very significant contribution to the creation of a special unique style of Easyriders «. Numerous drawings, design covers more than one dozen rooms, posters for the various activities undertaken by the publication … With the arrival of David Mann’s «Easyriders» got his star, his legend. Change the music, changing preferences in fashion clothes, changed themselves bikers, but this time on the pictures of the unique master reigns one theme, one mood. Huge, beautiful, sometimes grotesque world, where the focus is always heart of steel motor, where nature is still fresh as the first day of creation. The paintings, when you look at that heart starts to beat in the rhythm of the road. This is the world David Mann, open to all those who still can see and feel.

But, unfortunately, nobody is eternal, an irreparable: David Mann poknul this world. In recent years he suffered from heart disease and severe arthritis that does not allow him to continue playing for the wrist. Termination of the work with «Easyriders» and move from Florida to Missouri denied him the right to health insurance, and 64-year-old artist was forced to auction off her legendary «Panhead», to cover all the costs of treatment. Friends and admirers of the master help and support David and his courageous wife Jackie at this difficult time, but the disease took her, and September 11, 2004 David Mann died. This is a huge loss for those who knew and loved him, for those who at least saw him stunning pictures.

Last Bike David Mann.

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