The last motorcycle David Mann.

We are all mortal, alas, September 11, 2004, in Kansas City, died David Mann — Artist, which can be called a painter of the biker culture. He was just a biker and only drew people on motorcycles. But how he did it! His paintings have forced people to barter without regret everything that they had, for a good chopper and an endless road. Mann died the following day after he turned 64 — the magic figure for the generation of The Beatles, signifying the arrival of old age. But this is so, by the way …

Among the fans was David Mann Paul Totul Sr. — a leading and main generator of ideas of «American Chopper», and concurrently head of the family company for production of unique design choppers. During the life of Munna Totul planned to create a motorcycle based on the creativity of your favorite artist and make a gift idol. We can say that the idea of this bike Totul nurtured all his adult life: pictures Mann began to appear in the press and quickly went hand in the mid 60’s. And finally, the team began to translate the project. In the course of work were shooting the next series of «American chopper», as usual, Totuly and the team that merged into a creative frenzy, you dirty swearing, nearly fought — in general, all quite in keeping with the family company.

Without exaggeration we can say that on the chopper, the work Totuly, dreams of millions. It was created as the quintessence of the fantastic bikes, which drew Mann. Bikers and sympathizers from all over the world could not know the name of the artist and not even identify themselves among the fans of his paintings. However, each of them going crazy for those drawn by a motorcycle with touring hairy characters Mann — speeding on highway or streets of the sleeping metropolis, chase the dogs somewhere in the American heartland, embrace with appetizing girls on the beaches of south-eastern coast or simply rush straight into space, scattering stardust. Everyone thought that these choppers can be seen only in biker dream. Totuly made this dream come true.

Ironically, when the chopper was already almost ready, a call from the magazine Easyriders. The news stunned everyone: David Mann died. Would chopper assembled Totulami, another if it was created later, in memory of the cult character from the era of freedom, love and rock ‘n’ roll? Probably. Especially valuable was this instance — a real bike, sharpened by the living, an extraordinary man, connoisseurs choppers and speed.

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