Airbrush motorcycles and cars.

Airbrush motorcycles and cars, as well as it can be called — art painting bikes and cars. What is it, where matter is unusual and vivid desire to decorate their iron horses? There are fans and opponents of such creativity. In a way, the drawings on the car are similar to the artistic tattoo.It is understandable — a lot of people recognize for its machine individual character, behavior and sometimes even the ability to think. Of course, this fantasy, but make your favorite machine of gray flow machines would many. Therefore, airbrush cars — a respected form of modern art.
Opponents painted cars argue their point of view of the fact that it is vulgar and, indeed, spoil the look of the car. But typically, these arguments are based on the fact that the roads are often found airbrush on cars made of poor quality.
Images on the cars — are the same figures, that is, they must perform if not a professional artist, a man with a talent in this area. Plus, this man still has to be experienced just painting cars, stuffed his hand.
The desire to beautify and ennoble your life is inherent in man from ancient historical times.Confirmation of this — simple drawings on the walls of caves and prehistoric pottery painting natural dyes, made primitive tools of labor. Schley century. Mankind has evolved culturally.Every nation appeared their traditions and customs, clothing, which distinguished it from other nations and classes. There were changes within the social group. Signs of power, belonging to the upper class and the differences from the common people have wealth: exquisite designer clothes, luxurious, carefully trimmed, tasteful place equipped accommodation and, of course, expensive and elegant, richly decorated with shiny metal plates, a means of transportation (horse and crew).
Today, little has changed. People are all also inherent desire to stand out from the crowd, to embellish your life, tell others about belonging to a particular class, to become visible, her attire «crew»! Horses «settled» in the engine, and a luxury crew replaced tuned bike or car.
And in this day helps us to airbrush — craft that came to us from the 19 th century and became the current art. Used previously for the distribution of colors in painting and other forms of fine art, airbrush these days — is a unique technique of causing the picture with an airbrush on a car, motorcycle, boat, sport boat, aircraft, helmet, bicycle, computer system unit, a mobile phoneand still many things that surround us in everyday life and through which we aim to show our status. It is so nice, sitting behind the wheel of a car or a motorcycle with a pattern (airbrush) on board, catch yourself admiring glances of passers-by or see the original bright picture on the wall, masking the greyness and clutter the landscape.

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