Airbrushing cars and motorcycles, alternative.

Airbrushing cars and motorcycles, alternative.
Yes, order quality aerorafiyu on a motorcycle or car, not a cheap. Depending on the size of the drawn area, prices vary from $ 700 and above — below. Drawing on the bike or car certainly a dream of many, but, unfortunately, its cost still remains very high and is not available a wide range of motorists.
An alternative to airbrushing and artistic murals on the car or motorcycle can be called a well-known to all vinyl stickers.
Ie Image printing method is applied to the adhesive tape, and then this film is pasted on the surface of the bike or car. Advantages: work clean and fast. On the convex surface of the film slightly warm specialized hair dryer and smoothly faired.
Information from the Internet:
The best way for today are vinyl stickers, their price is compared with the airbrush is much lower, have a good performance — do not fade in the sun, is not susceptible to moisture, resistant to mechanical damage. Also important fact is that they leave no marks on the back of the vehicle after removal, in case of preparing machines for sale, or if you want to change the pasted image to another.
So, with 10 years experience in outdoor advertising to inform, but the film is removed quickly from the surface without leaving any trace, but on some machines with long wearing surface with vinyl stickers can also be visible trace of the fact that the main background is a little burnt out in the sun.
Vinyl on the bike and the car does not fade in the sun in one case, if you get bored, and you will have time to shoot it before it burned.
Performance quality — what’s this? Yes, when washing a motorcycle or car vinyl will not wash, and if scratched bodywork, then vinyl, too.
The only plus is as mentioned above, the speed of the work, the possibility of frequent changes of the various drawings, and purity, not any spots of paint and solvent.

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