ATV Yamaha Grizzly.

ATV Yamaha Grizzly. In Russia, everything is turned upside down. Bottles are opening with a cigarette lighter, the nose cone of missiles was adjusted for the watering tank in their gardens, on the tractors travel around to swim … So with the ATV is the same story — the most popular among the fans to relax and enjoy the ride utilitarian ATV. On one of Russia’s most popular models and will be discussed.
«Bagheera, I climb!» — Cried the bear Baloo, clambering over the ruins of the ancient city, when they were hurrying to help Mowgli. This episode of the cartoon can be branded chip for the Yamaha Grizzly 660 — similarity almost complete. Big Heavy Blocks has the same character. It overcomes any obstacles, prepared for the poetry to him, with persistence and inevitability of a hungry bear, at the scent of raspberry bushes, a nest of wild bees, full of honey, and fresh fish at a time. But to hear such reviews can be of many classmates, but it is «grizlik» won the most popular Russian ekstremalschikov, hunters, fishermen, and still enjoys no less in demand on the secondary market than the more recent and technically sophisticated follower — Grizzly 700.
As the clock. The power unit of the Grizzly-660-cubes «single-barreled gun with pyatiklapannoy cylinder head and liquid-cooled, V-belt variator szhivlennaya with centrifugal clutch. Transmission has a mode 2D (rear only), 4D (complete with a rigid connecting the front axle), blocking cross-axle differentials and downshift. By the way, to connect the chuck can be on the move, which does not allow many of its competitors, but to include locking differentials can only stand on the spot. It’s hard to think of a disadvantage, because resorting to «lock in a circle» often just standing on the spot — when it finally stuck.
The engine is very reliable, and even proprietary pyatiklapannaya head despite fears are not satisfactory. However, it is worth remembering about the traditional «love» Yamaha motors to oil, so that control its level should be regularly. If Blocks used for pokatushek for off-road, it is desirable to do so before each departure. Yamahovskie designers never cease to amaze those that knew about an oil appetite of their engines often do not impose any control sensors (both pressure and level). So here is the same story. On the critical level of oil in the crankcase can be identified only by schupu. The second feature of this engine — a tendency to overheat. Reason banal — in battles with the bad roads clogged cell cooling fins. It seems to be no news, only if the other cooler is easy to clean with all the blocks, then at Grizzly, he set deep in the bowels of plastic kapotirovki and even pressure washers are not always able qualitatively to clean him up. In sparing mode jet is simply unable to knock down the dirt, and if the «blow» in the power, you can easily bend the cell. The only advice — at least sometimes to remove the plastic and wash the radiator on the old way: with «stick-Nose Picker» and brushes.
CVT transmission «grizlika» very reliable and most likely will not give any problems at all times during operation of the apparatus. Is that the belt variator may require replacement, it is true, and this detail is extremely reliable. On average, the belt nursed 10 thousand km. And for any quadric is a very serious mileage. Of course, sometimes difficult to cope with the desire to save money and establish a more expensive (see price table) belt from alternative producers (read Chinese), but the life of a product depends on the brand — «noneyma» sometimes not enough and a couple thousand, so that then savings can not be achieved.
In short, to use the power unit almost conceals pitfalls.
Water procedures. Swimming for the Grizzly, as for any decent bear — can be enjoyable and binding. The level of the saddle and there is a practical «ceiling», or rather «bottom» of the apparatus. Engine intake and cooling of the variator are located under the front shield, and the number is hidden under the rear of the variator. So even a fairly deep ford for this beast is no obstacle.
The only thing is to remember — if you happen to get stuck at the crossing and the exhaust pipe will be under water, the engine may be enough for some water. To rid yourself of not the most pleasant procedure, drainage of water from the engine and the replacement of oil in the field, experienced «burglaries» advised to build up a vent and bring it above the level of the saddle.
The intake of the variator is constructed so that water, mud and snow from the wheels in a little fall, but if installed on the Quadra track, which will inevitably rise and throw the snow and the water is much stronger than the wheel, the air intake may get a smattering of snow, especially if It’ll on puhlyaku, and then begins to slip the belt and slip. So from the tracks — or accurate in fresh snow, or get ready to pour the water, and yet another delicate moment in communion Grizzly with water lurking in gear. Tubes for venting motors though withdrawn in «dry» area, is still, after many hours of floundering in the swamps and wandering in the bridge gets moisture. Therefore experienced ATV-Schnick recommend to check the status of oil in the gearboxes for the presence of an emulsion after each pokatushek and if necessary replace it. This operation is quite simple and does not require major expenditures — in bridges can fill the most simple transmissionku. Laziness is in this regard very soon turn into costly repairs.
Another mandatory procedure after the «swim» — service joints that connect the rear hubs and suspension arms. The water quickly washes away from them and grease clogs with dirt, sand and other substances, making plastic sleeve rather quickly erased and the suspension appears backlash.
To prolong the lives of these sites is to get a lube syringe (or borrow from a neighbor-volgovoda) and line through the hinges Grease fresh grease after the adoption of water treatment.
Vest is not needed. A well-known «love» severe kvadrotsiklistov — vezdehodchikov to all kinds of protection of their pets. If the power bumpers and other kengooryatniki — a matter of taste and thickness of the purse, then with the protection of «belly» is to be restrained. Of course, all-metal «armor on the bottom, arms and stretcher looks cool and, at first sight, protects against the inevitable encounters with all kinds of stumps, snags and boulders, but it really worth it? Skilled mechanics and riders claim that installing leaf protection is only on the frame, and levers to leave intact. There are three reasons.
First: steel chains for suspension arms great increase of the unsprung masses, which adversely affects the handling, comfort and durability of nodes.
The second — a solid piece of iron, screwed to the lower lever begins to act as a trough, which collects a huge amount of dirt in the warm season and snow — in winter. And if the soft mud substance can only increase the weight of the squares on a couple of dozen pounds and create additional problems with the sink, the snow has a habit of cake, freezes and generally harden. And that’s not good for anther and inhibitory mechanisms. The most urgent is the problem for the rear right wheel, over which is hot «bank» silencer. Melted snow flows down to her right in the «trough» the protection of the rear lever, and after some time, it formed an ice block, which not only complicates the work of the suspension, but simply «pulls off» from Shrews duster. Of course, hinge, in spite of his iron nature, without the anther fails within a few miles.
Finally, the last, the third reason. Levers front suspension, getting a cross kick «off-mine» in motion. It is with this and try to fight, setting the defense. Poster, bolted to the lever, significantly increases the overall rigidity and, of course, saves the slack in impact, but the lever is to meet with a boulder bigger, but at higher speeds, as it turns out quite the rigidity of the other party. Lever, who can not bend over and compensate for blow sends its energy on brackets attached to the frame and bends are no longer relatively cheap tubular construction, and the frame itself. Accordingly, more should be or its replacement (approximately 80 thousand rubles., Not counting work), or flattening on the stocks with the re-welded «ear» mounting arm (from 10 thousand, now. For the work).
Kill a bear. The main question that arises when choosing a quadric (or any non-road) — its vitality. Fortunately, the chapter on «weak» field Grizzly will be the shortest. Studying the history of «rock», we found out only two more or less serious lack of machines. At very high loads, sometimes (though not always) do not maintain internal circlips Shrews, and last fall from nests. But since such a breakdown does not happen «suddenly», it is worth paying a little more attention to these sites. Backlash in the mount «grenades» to the reducer should not be, and if he appears, is to replace the retaining ring in advance (about 50 rubles.).
The second weak point of all the «660th» — wheel bearings. This «baby» disease, caused, probably, design failures, the model pursued until the end of production. Bearings really weak. With the active exploitation of a quadric, especially offroude, they have to change almost twice a year. Actually at this list of «congenital diseases» Grizzly Ends.
Nice to know that your equipment is practically flawed, as most of those that have, you can easily avoid. In general, the chief council for the care and operation of the apparatus is reduced to just because excess «if the technology to look after, it will serve faithfully for many years.» Simple as a hammer, design, quality manufacturing and assembly do not kill Grizzly projectile with incredible opportunities for work and leisure. Give him a little care and attention, and he will answer devotion and joy, as, indeed, any home zhivotinka.
Zooshop. Now find beushny Grizzly 660 is quite simple. Technique of this kind usually get far in the past the money and otkatal season or two, «reset» to buy a newer model (whether Grizzly 700 or device of another brand). But this does not mean that Quadrics has outlived its function. On the contrary, often at the speedometer can be quite funny to see the numbers run. That’s why sometimes prices for «660» even higher than in the more recent age «Semysotka. Although, of course, this does not rule, but rather the exception. Of course, the price depends strongly on the degree of «zatyunennosti» apparatus, for high quality kit is quite expensive. If installed on the square cast wheels, rubber toothed expensive, powerful winch, trunks and other gadgets — most likely the price will differ markedly from the «bare» a fellow of the same year and mileage. On the one hand, why pay more, with another — sooner or later you’ll have to spend money on the same «freaks» (unless, of course, Blocks bought not to haul firewood in the village), as «included» all of these gadgets come out significantly cheaper than in store.
On sale, too, no problem. ATV enjoy stable demand at any time of year, because unlike a motorcycle their season lasts all year round. And so to buy the product Yamaha — the leader in this segment — there will always be willing. And the price of a new «gryzlik» losing is not much — about a third of a couple of years, especially if the machine after. The same applies to the fixed tuning, which can not shoot — it just raise the price of copies.

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