History of bikers.

Bikers came to America and had a long way from the pack gradually pereformirovyvayas freedom-loving people in the elite, influential organization. In many countries, bikers paddled by myself almost all the sale of alcohol and drugs, have established their authority in all nightclubs and brothels. There are many biker organizations, the most famous of which is «Hell’s Angels and Bandidos. Membership in organizations such high honor among the «dancing on the edge» of people. The organization is very much like a sect — the same unconditional devotion to the interests of the whole team, the same hierarchical structure, the same «neophytes», etc. Few ordinary people can boast that they know about bikers at least something. Basically there is a perception that the biker is a fat, bearded bumpkin making his living by illegal means clear, but it is not so. The average bike costs about 50,000 $ 10 000 $ for modernization spending on gasoline, etc. — goes quite a tidy sum. Among the riders encountered a truly rich and influential people. Now let’s talk about the emergence and further progress of motorcycles.

It all began with attempts to modernize a bicycle in 1901. Try to create the first motorcycle not afraid to William Harley and Arthur Davidson, and participated in the development of two brothers, Arthur — Walter and William. The result of their labors was the motorcycle, a constructive solution which was entirely new, and gave scope for further development of this idea. By 1903, the U.S., there were several campaigns for the production of motorcycles, but a truly great role was played by only two of them — Indian motorcycle company and Harley-Davidson, competition which continued for many, many gody.I can still be argued that Bikers began with Harley, which the developers have put all your soul, make a bike more to it than the usual means of transportation. The degree of contact with the motorcycle driver resembled the relationship a rider with a spirited and capricious, and therefore a favorite racehorse. The quest for high speeds has spurred the company to create a strong and powerful engine — the famous V-Twin. In mid-1919, there were so-called small «V-Twins» with a volume of 578 cubic meters, whose production was discontinued in 1923. In 1912 the volume of engines has increased from 812 to 1000 cubic centimeters, and in 1921 appeared the famous 1974 1.2 liter. It is a motorcycle company Harley-Davidson established the basic records in races. In 1921, Harley was the first vehicle exceeding the speed barrier at 100 km / h. Engineers of the company was not a hindrance, even the Second World War and they continued to develop a new model. The new model appeared in 1948 and was the key to creating a new era in the history of Harley-Davidson. Record sales of motorcycles that the company was established in 1995, when it was sold more than 105,000 Harley. The most popular model is the Fat Boy (fat).

Today, Harley-Davidson is in a difficult situation, expense of a highly competitive producers.Now the Americans successfully compete the Japanese and Germans, Italians, and Russian, generally all and sundry. And lastly I must tell the difference between the motorcyclists and bikers. Motorcyclist will undoubtedly attract high-speed performance, appearance and design.His advantage, he can give «Kawasaki» or «Honda», another biker thinks he should forget about their ancestors, and under it should growl only a true racer — «Harley».

Let’s start with the etymology of the order of the words «motorcycle», «bike» and «biker» and a history of the movement. The word «motorcycle» is derived from two Latin roots of «moto» — to move and «cycle» of the wheel. Thus, the «motorcycle» (and certainly not even a car or truck there) is «moving on wheels. The word «bike» is much more interesting. «Bike» comes from the bicycle wheel (literally a two-wheeled), respectively, motobicycle motorcycle or moped, conversational bike can mean both, and the verb to bike ride on a motorcycle. Accordingly, biker (biker that is) is «a man who rides a motorcycle.» The closest Russian analog of the word — the motorcyclist. However, bikers stubbornly refusing to be called «bikers».

What is the difference between these groups? What, except a motorcycle, biker distinguished from a mere mortal? The answer to this question is given themselves the representatives of the movement. The first of the first and most famous of the famous Moscow Motor Club «Night Wolves» — recently created a «policy paper», which offers various motorcycle organizations to join in being born «All the International Association of bikers. In making the conditions of participation, «Night Wolves» discovered the secret of his conception of this biker (who «deserves to represent their homeland in the global community of bikers» quote). This hero beyond the age of 16 years must, of course, have a motorcycle (the first interesting detail «an engine capacity of at least 500 cm cube» is one that just does not fly), «to be able to deeds, being aware that it is a formation of many thousands of people «and the most interesting» to share the philosophy of «Easy Rider» (this folklore character, we’ll talk later). Thus, three main features of the biker, who was not ashamed to show the world community on behalf of others: it’s a decent bike, a certain philosophy and a clear identity with a subculture. What more could you want? By the way, as an interesting phenomenon can be noted the use of the phrase «association of people passionate bike culture» and the distribution of capital and small letters in the phrase «All-Russian International Association of Bikers» he says, the Association is a proper name, and Bikers so nominal. This article uses the text of an appeal, published in the journal «MOTO» 1-2000. On the pages of the same magazine you can find polemics surrounding this appeal, the most interesting aspect is a protest against restrictions on the volume of the engine («Do not you think that limiting membership on the basis of the engine other than discrimination can not be called?» A quote from an open letter motorcycle club «Iron Tigers Vladivostok). This restriction on the feeling part of a group or on a philosophy of life is not a protest. Whether because «it is here and so is», and with an engine not yet entirely, either because it is still impossible to verify, but rather the first limitation on the philosophy of life is accepted unconditionally, because it has long passed, but feeling that you will not receive because of some technical characteristics, unbearable. In other words, bikers believe that their power does not bikers motorcycles, and philosophy. That’s right, in general, think. What was the philosophy of «Easy Rider»? To answer this question we turn to the history of the movement.

The first motorcycles were built and patented by an Englishman E. Butler (1884) and the Germans G. Daimler and Maybach B. (1885). Since then, the improvement and development of new types of motorcycles did not stop. However, more than the technical evolution of the motorcycle, we are interested in the evolution of the social movement around a two-wheeled vehicle with a motor. By the end of the 20-ies, America could boast of dozens of motorcycle club. However, they were all motorcycle clubs of people who in addition to «iron» (ie, a variety of motorcycle parts) did not see or hear. In principle, a motorcyclist matter of time and ability to work with iron. When motorcyclists think about the philosophy and the soul, they became rockers. It happened in the early 60’s, when motorcyclists have found his music to music with the rhythm of the working engine and the speed of spinning wheels. Motorcyclists are divided on the rockers and the other with the advent of rock and rock ‘n’ roll. Rock-n-roll twist-and-twist — what two words more applicable to the motorcycle? Yet even among fans of rock ‘n’ roll has always been two currents of a «fashion» in Britain, which opposed a British «rockers» and «militant bikers in America, are part of the biker movement, along with» intellectuals «. In 1969, both halves of the bikers of America recorded its existence in the form of movies is «Hell Angels’69» («Hells Angels-69) against militant rockers and« Easy Rider »(traditionally translated as» Easy Rider «) from the rest. Both of these films have become cult and software. Their specific features that the «Hell’s Angels-69» displayed image of the «outlaw biker», besides the main «angels» played real leaders of wild motorcycle group Hell’s Angels. Well, and «Easy Rider» is interesting in that it remains the standard philosophy biker and even now (see above).How does this philosophy is difficult to answer in a nutshell. This is a poetry of freedom, of detachment, love and sex, speed, risk of imminent death that shook the company 60’s and attracts the hearts of young rebels of all time.

Besides these two films bikers have left many traces in the movies and music (from the «Wild Angels» 1966’s to «Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man 1995-go), and are still dashing motokovboy remains one of the favorite romantic American heroes. Rock music remains a biker so far. Even if it is not rock, then certainly extraordinary, energetic music, is opposed to hypocrisy, conventions and taboos. In the article «Rock-n-roll from Glushak (author Maria Kopelyan), published in the journal» MOTO «10-1999, from which derived and various historical information, expressed this attitude:» bikers are likely to be born, not made . Music reflected what was happening in their soul. » By comparing this concept with the idea of the priority of philosophy over the ownership of a motorcycle, I find no differences. Indeed, anyone can become a motorcyclist, but not every biker. Almost any intellectual sohranny man «with his hands» if the desire to learn how to build, repair, operate a motorcycle and make it «to sustenance, but not everyone is fun to fly (in the sense of« ride », which by the way in the basic meaning is translated as» riding » ) on the life of «easy» (well, in the sense of «easy»), not everyone will agree to share life with another iron, which is rapidly becoming more father-mother, brothers, sisters, wives and girlfriends, to share time and good name with a crowd of bearded men in the skin, speaking exclusively about motorcycles, their device, etc. In general, buy a motorcycle and operate one, and become «Easy Rider» and ride a bike quite another.

Now, when illuminated by the subject matter, that is what is really different from other bikers, you can briefly answer the question of what bikers are different in appearance as they are distinguished by others and how he lives, this powerful growing subculture. Distinguish the biker simply: by bike. Bike, unlike serial beast motorcycle strictly individual. Bike for a true biker a cross between an idol, a child and part of the body. If you answer yourself that you do for your child to his body and his God, you answered the question, what does the biker to the bike.Correct. As the mother of the child, the biker his dear friend feed, watered and cures. In addition, he teaches him, that is developed from the standard motorcycle embryo making personality (well there in strength, speed, brightness, volume). As his body, the biker on his bike decorated (mostly relates to the figure on the tank, although the bells and whistles such as leather fringe on all duty and truck bags can also be attributed to the decor), again giving the car unique and recognizable. Here, one could say the bike biker face if he had not been for the biker something big. But like any idol worshiping biker on his bike, inventing all sorts of respectful rituals and the like. It would seem that there is nothing surprising in such care about the car, upon which your life, but something there is a superhuman like for example the fact that «people are dying for the metal.

Moreover, if you meet a biker without a bike, you still recognize it, as these lovely creatures iron dictate conditions of life, and people just below them adjusted. Anyone who wants to ride a motorbike in our climate, sooner or later, dressed in leather, sooner or later, into the black. This is not vypendrezh, a vital necessity. Any soft, brands and scavenged materials in a few days tear to shreds, izmazhutsya forever and hit you in bed with pneumonia (because the speed of the wind certainly not less than the speed of the bike, which means that only after 20 you cold without a jacket . In general, you know, how often and how long we have warmer than 20).Often, a biker can be identified by the helmet, which he holds in his hand since he arrived on a motorcycle and a helmet will not leave Though dislike bikers to ride with helmets is well known, this fight traffic police (and incidentally, the film is one of two «Easy Rider» is absolutely notparitsya ride with a helmet, which, after the tank becomes the main object of art-frills). So the black leather jackets, leather pants, leather bandanas, rugged footwear, leather gadgets such klyuchnnits, sigaretnits and stuff for a biker first and foremost a means of survival, and only secondarily the luxury and space for expression.

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