Bike — Pokemon for girls.

Bike — Pokemon for girls.  We could call it a Pokemon if it were not noble European descent. So let it stay monster, though small and almost tame.
Pet Monster.
Ice rainy autumn, when all two-wheeled long been laid up and warms the soul just thinking about sun peaked mountain ski resorts, I suddenly found myself on that, it turns out, already some time thinking about a new bike for next season. About fundamentally new for me, a wheelchair user with the experience, a single motorcycle.
Imagine all of my motoopyt, not counting the training motoshkole on krivorulnyh «Sunrise» — an extremely riding a motorcycle with a sidecar. Extremely brand Ural. First, on the old — very old-M-66 and M-62, forty and fifty years ago, respectively. Then the new-Gear Up and «Retro» with the engine 750 cm3.
Here’s how — I think, looking at the wet black box — and not a train for 8 years on anything bright, lightweight, plastic. I do not know how to ride between rows in a traffic jam. Not know how take a turn with «knelt. Something I missed, eh?
But toward the «Japanese» eyes somehow did not look. Although superficially like «hornet» and «phaser», something which I present in them missing.
The main limitation of choice have become my own performance characteristics: I am a small growth, and weight and do the bird. That is, the majority of motorcycles, originally imprisoned under the tall and strong riders, men, no good for me. Even the vending was Kawasaki ER-6N was a tall and heavy. Can I keep the bike, if hardly take out the ground toes shoes? Hardly.
But the idea of two-wheeled motorcycle would not let go.
I went to motosalonam and «entertained» Sellers requests to sit on different bikes. Everything was wrong.
Of course, to make itself felt my an ancient brendozavisimost: «Ural», this heavy iron motorcycle, was fully given 8 years. Very, you know, it is difficult to part with the native land …
And then they showed me a Ducati.
Ducati??? DUCATI? Ducati? He may be — I will Ducati?
Bright yellow thoroughbred motorcycle rolled out of the salon on the street, started from puskozaryadnika, and he joyfully rang desmodromom. Ducati Monster. Chetyrehsotka. Are these are?
Yellow Italian. Everyone knows the rule: need to buy a motorcycle, which every morning will please you with my existence. If walking to the garage with helmet in hand, you look forward to everyday travel to work at its most beautiful motorcycle in the world as a long-awaited meeting with his beloved, then you made the right choice. That’s why many motorcyclists compare your bike with a woman. And I will not …
It is stunning. He was thin and light, with a magnificent ribbed tank and a silver «bird cage», he approached me on the growth and managed by turning the head. He was cheerful, he was very handsome, he rode very well and … he was not Japanese.
It appeared, however, that the Italians make Monster 400 for the Japanese market. So to some extent the Japanese, he nevertheless was: arrived in Moscow from Japan, all covered with stickers on this strange language. In Europe, these bikes are not supplied.
It also turned out that in Moscow almost no one knows what to do with them. Moreover, the existence of a Monster «size» do not know at all. For this reason, in the cabin «Monster» could not do normal predprodazhku, and the first time I had to suffer: strangled Japanese carbs are not normally allowed to ride on the Russian petrol.
And then — imagine that? — Everything will work out! They found a wonderful mechanic, who won
my carbs. I gave my first hat-integral, I bought a motor-boats and luggage bags and began to ride it everywhere and always.
Every morning, went to the garage with helmet in hand and melting like a young lover in anticipation of the meeting. I stroked his tank, first smeared with a chain spray, fell for the first time and learned to turn right.
Imagine, I even got a lesson in motoshkole! She arrived there on a «Ural-retro» and said that I wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle. Looked at me as mad: what you teach?
Travel. My first was a relatively long trip to the festival Hollow Hills — about 300 km. At the entrance I was waiting for the test even though expected, but no less difficult: no roads, gravel road, wet grass. But then with Hollow Hills pulnuli three motorcycles at Bear Angle-jokingly traveled 700 km. It turned out to be excellent Ducati ride dalnyak. Though small, and goes as high. The only noticeable at the end of a long journey of his discomfort, stiffness suspension. In general, sitting on the «Monster», as a stool: a narrow, rigid, all the irregularities of the road significantly affect carcass motorcyclist. Because the bike — for the city.
And it is in the city it really possible to make up for the extremely fragile on unpaved roads and benumbed back on the track.
Trips then was still a lot: motoslety, openeyry, forest clearings with barbecue, picturesque cottages and, of course, daily, even in the rain, going to work.
But the trip to Grodno in the summer of 2009 resulted in an unexpected marathon: the night in Minsk, had early in the morning to return to Moscow on business. One rode a Monster 800 km in 9 hours.
Performance characteristics. The first thing that pleases the eye of each motolyubitelya — chetyrehporshnevye Brembo disc brakes and dual-piston front and rear bracket. Front because malokubaturnosti — only one brake disc, but there are staffing mount for installing a second! When buying, I would immediately strengthen the brakes, but it was enough, and one front drive — the Italians have calculated everything correctly.
The nature of inhibition — soft. Motorcycle politely refers to his rider, it is often easier error peretormazhivaniya: brakes seized much feedback from the bike is excellent, but the tenacious Brembo not block the wheels. Tyres — inflow discharges Dunlop.
A few days later I had already cut the tube, not afraid he would not have time to stop in time. And the habit of simultaneous inhibition of the engine and brakes so that I have: an excellent school by car on a heavy tricycles.
Ride between cars in traffic was especially pleased that the bike — very narrow, and even with the coffer literally crawls into any crack. Yes, here’s another bonus: seeing a girl on the Ducati, many motorists themselves are moving, making way. Thank you, very nice!
With all the suspension was not so sure. Monster — initially very hard motorcycle: he took a lot from its «prototype» and sports Superbike Ducati 851. When I wrote above about the controllability of the rotation of the head, it was not a figure of speech. The motorcycle is really quite sharply reacts to the slightest movement of the shell driver. Now, already trains at other singles, I repeat — a Ducati is really true. The entire structure — like a cast, it’s sturdy metal junction nodes. Even the driver’s seat does not allow a little relaxation. The already tight damper had to pull out due to my height, to make Monster lower. And in the end turned out really quite «sporty» bike — bluff, hard, not forgiving of blemishes pavement. If I had the weight Pobol bird, I would be uncomfortable. And so it turned out — a matter of habit.
And yet very rigid box. Of course, I’m after «uralovskoy» box, removed noise and harshness gear (after all, by the way, not affecting the work of transmission), it seemed that nothing terrible. But the loud metallic knock when you switch to Ducati, and now sometimes
cause I have a surprise: this is so should work? In general, the large volume, perhaps such menacing sounds have talked about sports and uncompromising nature of the motorcycle, but chetyrehsotke … Although there are no complaints about the work of manual I do not have, except that the transfer is painfully short, in the city now and then have to flip paw.
Engine — L-shaped deuce with an angle of 90 degrees and the famous desmodromnym operated valves. Everyone who came to my bike, asked when he would break: the sounds of ringing desmodrom issues-thunderous. The engine likes to be properly heated before the trip, and during thereof, — that they played. Ride starts from nearly 5,000 rpm, and decently — thousands of seven.
No jerks and «kick in the pants» in case of sudden acceleration on this bike does not happen: it was all smooth and predictable. Yes, indeed, sudden acceleration, too, especially not happen. Operating speed — of up to up to 120 km / h — just what you need for a large city. At these speeds Monster behaves well: the rapidly accelerates briskly slows, predictably included in the turns, bends and twists fun driving, driving round the obstacles. On the track I «stoker» it to 160 at 9500 rpm. Then he starts impassable rebate, and my neykede removes his head, tan faster that we had not traveled.
Planting comfortable — like any «classics»: back straight, legs slightly drawn back, steering wheel
comfortable asking in his hands. With this everything is fine. Only the hard and narrow seat gives the driver to relax on long stretches: They had to stop to stretch their legs.
It compliments a huge round headlight, without xenon lighting perfect way. Levers clutch and brake — adjustable, the clutch and brake — hydraulic hose — reinforced. A little hit by collisions limited steering, because of what a U-turn in a narrow place sometimes only possible with two or three attempts.
Incredible perspective. Ducati «chetyrehsotka» very happy owner of an absolute resemblance to their more powerful relatives: those are just harder, and options for SA — and true. If it were not the numbers on the plastic shield so the absence of the radiator and the second disc front brake, could dazzle the uninformed.
But most importantly — a different one: on a motorcycle set the same units as the more powerful his brothers «monsters», and hence on the torsional rigidity, and the characteristics of the suspension, and brake it exceeds the capability of its own power. This means that all the characteristics of a motorcycle permit easy replacement of the power unit on a large cubic — and that’s before you is no longer the monster manual, and the real Italian monster.
By Tanya Bird.

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