Bikes on the ice.

Summer, heat. I wanted something nice and cool. Prefigure the ice and snow. ))) I want to talk about such a bike show, a motorcycle on ice. Today, these types of competitions are held throughout the cold and snowy regions of the planet. In Russia in particular. And Russia can be proud of «ice» bikers athletes on sports bikes on the ice arena.

But today I want to tell about the distant cool the city of Assen, where our Russian Olympians — bikers took the gold still in the distant 80th. If for cities to establish special prize «For the love of motorsports, then Assen — Capital of the province of Drenthe in the Netherlands could claim the most honorable of them. A bit difficult to find cities in the world, wherever and summer and winter were motorcycle world championships. And in Assen this happens every year. In the summer — the most prestigious stage in motorsports auto-racing circuit, where a hundred or more attracts thousands of spectators from many countries in Europe. In winter, the «Ice Stadium» — a cozy facility with an artificial track and grandstand seating for 20,000 — championship in motorcycle racing on ice — preliminary or final of his event. And every time — this is a joyful event in the city, which also demonstrates their hospitality and their love of motorsports.

The oldest member of motorcycle racing on ice — in the history of these competitions, it was unanimously recognized as 43 year old Swede, Per-Olof Sireniusa. When — that it was unchanged finalist and, undoubtedly, one of the strongest Western riders.

Winter speedway in general is very popular in these countries, rich stadiums with artificial ice tracks.

So, if you wanted to cool off in the current hot weather, please come to the Netherlands.

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  1. Dave Fisherman

    this is a kOOL sport i’ve always been intreasted in ice bike racing.When I was younger I would love to watch it onb tv thought they don’t show it much I would love to see it in Russia,but I don’t make much $
    from my Job.
    Thanks Dave Fisherman.-USA

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