Electric bike.

Electric bike. When the die is already a feature of this dinazavr, poisonous environment — the internal combustion engine? I personally am waiting period for electric and elektrobaykov.
You will not laugh! Oil tycoon has already enriched enough, let them go nafig need a change of eras.
The International Federation of Motorcycling (FIM) approved the calendar of world championship auto-racing circuit for elektrobaykov (e-Power International Championship, or EPIC). It includes four phases — in France (twice), Spain and Qatar, and opens April 18 contest at the famous track of Le Mans. However, the final calendar is approved and if the championship would be interested in other countries, its geography may expand. What kind of motorcycles will take to start next championship?
Such as English Mavizen TTH02. In the chassis, taken from the sportbike KTM RC8, installed electric Agni and a set of batteries, weight machines without battery -110 kg, and with it the -160 kg. Get up to 40-80 km in «combat mode» (cruising range is strongly dependent on the profile of the route). The company hopes to release in 2010 was 50 units — for $ 45,000. Incidentally, it was her bike — then called Agni x01 — won in 2009, the first Tourist Trophy race for elektrobaykov.
Note that the prices of electric cars and bikes especially high, a tacit conspiracy of large corporations.

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