Harley vs. Japanese

Harley vs. Japanese. The American firm «Harley Davidson» felt for the only weak point of Japanese firms: lack of flue to the beginning of the century traditions. Since the «Harley» has long passed for 100 years, they do not hold the traditions, and Americans are enthusiastically developing a gold mine. More distant from the 1993rd top designers Willie G. Davidson (a descendant of the founder) has demonstrated the crowd in Dayton reporters a new model in the style of 30-ies, the symbolic name «Nostalgia». Although all the Japanese companies produce models of motorcycles «by Harley» Americans reasonably believe that the original is always better to copy. Alloy modern technology and style.

Italian variation.

The Italian Center for Marketing Research surveyed 5,500 motorcyclists to obtain their preferences. Motorcycles have been divided into 9 categories, depending on destination, and found that most motorcyclists do not suffer from a lack of good roads in Italy like racing motorcycles such as «enduro» (15%). In second place — «choppers» (about 13%), the third — tourer (12,5%). At last the same place were the «classic» road motorcycles. Among the brands of motorcycles the first three places were distributed in the following sequence: «Honda» (26%), Yamaha (14%), BMW (10).

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