Honda — something between cruiserweight and roadster.

Honda — something between cruiserweight and roadster.  Failure Concern Honda to participate in the European EICMA does not mean that he had nothing to show. He recently announced two new items in its model range. And the most unusual-Honda Shadow RS, something between cruiserweight and roadster. Its proportions machine like … Hariey-Davidson Sportster.
The main units — V-shaped «deuce» liquid cooling (7A5 cm3, 43 hp, fuel injection), telescopic fork, rear tilting with two shock absorbers — taken from the famous series cruiser Shadow 750.But the landing of the driver — straight as a roadster. Curb weight motorcycle -229.5 kg. It is interesting that since 1995 no 1999 group has already produced a hybrid of a la Sportster — model VRX400 Roadster, but only for the Japanese market.
Roadster Honda CBF1 000 has little in common with its predecessor: it is rather a variant of the model SV1000R poluobtekatelem. The four-engine 107 hp installed in the backbone frame of aluminum alloy. The front fork — with adjustable preload springs with damper rear suspension is governed by hydraulics and lights out. By the order of the motorcycle is equipped with a combined braking system with ABS. Curb weight — 245 kg.

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