Kids on bikes

Kids on bikes. Since 1993, entered into Russia by virtue of a unified system of issuing driver’s licenses.For motorcyclists are provided for three categories. With 16 years of age can drive a motorcycle engine capacity not exceeding 125 cm3, with a capacity of 15 liters. with.and a maximum speed of up to 100 km / h. With 18 years of age are allowed to change seats on a more powerful bike, but the power of which, however, does not exceed 35 liters. with. or the ratio of the engine power to the mass of the motorcycle not more than 0.22 liters. AS / kg. And only 21 years of age, with the driving experience of at least two years, the rider will have access to «supermototsiklu. Old-fashioned look of the exterior bears good fruit: only in Europe, sales of these very expensive bikes last year rose by 40%.

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