Ledogar Lukhovitsy 2009.

In continuation of previous post motorcycles on ice.

We continue the mind to cool the hot summer. Here are met in an Internet interesting term — Ledogar … oh, how it sounds. )))

In March this year in Russia in Lukhovitsy near an open area on the primacy Lukhovitsy Racing on ice speedway motorcycles. One of the rare species in our lane speedway.
Among specialists distributed another name — Ledogar. Strange, but at the same time fascinating name. The unimaginable combination of technology and passion, summer and winter, ice and fire …
http://foto.mail.ru/bk/vitinskaja/1145210192 photoreport
brief summary:
Ledogar — a winter view of classic speedway speedway. Carried out on the ice surface.Motorcycles, fuel and vehicle driving (in mole) remain the same. The only difference — in the wheel racers twists screws. Official serious competition Ledogar, at least in Russia, not carried out — this type is considered a training for spidveistov, the season for which begins only in the spring. But in entertainment, such competitions are not inferior to the classic races. Ledogar often confused with ice speedway, but these two species are fundamentally different and the technology driving, and motorcycles, and spike wheels.

Organizers based on their finances, a little help from the city, and the tremendous efforts of enthusiasts were able to hold this season, four of these stages. Dissemination of information «by word of mouth» is not allowed to collect a lot of spectators at the stadium. Although in my opinion — look it at that. Beautiful vehicle cornering with drifts, numerous overtaking, some pretty scary somersaults, and the first is not a free training session, which ended in knockout Egor Egorov — the strongest of the list of participants.

Further more, the intrigue developed …. most dramatic and unfortunate descent occurred Dmitry Biryukov on the last lap finale, with the leading, award position …. in the snow …. a surprise unsettled support the stadium …. then it seemed that the owners of the stadium, Lukhovitsy athletes can move away from the deserved cup, but Alexei Zenin, multiple medalist in the classic speedway, did not miss the chance to stand up to the main step of the podium. Second place won Lukhovitsy veteran motorsports Oleg Kireev, who could not sit at home, and the name of a long-term break, once again proved that experience and skills are and do not disappear. Third place was won in the uphill struggle of Representatives g.Vidnoe Porzaevym Anton, his teammate, Michael Chuikov for all of its races was the most «spectacular» on the track, including three consecutive fall in one and the same turn …
Unfortunately technical sports a very traumatic and unpredictable. Egor Egorov lies in Lukhovitsy in hospital with multiple fractures and internal injuries. According to the fans «he would have made it burning.» We wish him a speedy recovery and new victories.
In conclusion, I want to wish success to all participants, to express my deep appreciation for human kindness and hospitality of the owners, and to encourage people with the opportunity not to ignore such a fascinating sport.

The author reports from the district Lukhovitsy Vitinskii Svetlana

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