Мotorcycle brand

The famous old British motorcycle brand Norton «,» Matchlessu «,» Triumph «. The new owner of millionaire John Bloor built factory, equipped with modern Japanese and German machinery and designed to produce 10 — 15 thousand motorcycles a year. The family of motorcycles Triumph, designed «from scratch», includes a model with three-and four-cylinder engine capacity ranging from 750 to 1200 cm in its design, motorcycles combine the thoroughness of the British and the latest technological advances: engines with four valve cylinder heads and liquid-cooled suspension with progressive characteristic. The most powerful version of «Trophy 1200», has an engine capacity of 141 liters. with.

The company AGV, which produces the world’s best motorcycle helmets, there is a model of «dry». Incidentally, one of the most expensive — 493 Swiss francs.

Concern «Piaggio»

Concern «Piaggio», known for its scooters «Vespa», with J1.946; — was retained traditional character, known to our motolyubitelyam on the first model «Vyatka» — copies of the Italian original. But in 1991 a new model of «Sphere» marked a decisive break with tradition — raisin brand new image of scooter is expressed in its title. Its Japanese and European competitors «Piaggio» defies rich equipment of this 50-cubic machines: automatic V-belt transmission capacity for a helmet under the locking seat, digital clock. Scooters, especially 50-vat, acquired in recent enormous popularity worldwide as the most convenient public transport.


In the production association «Tulamashzavod» of design a diesel engine for truck scooter. Single-cylinder four-stroke engine cylinder capacity of 428 cm3 has a maximum capacity of 11 liters. c / 8 kW. In the block with him is a five-speed box with reverse gear and built-in differential. Cargo scooter with this engine is capable of carrying 600 kg of cargo at speeds up to 65 km / h, while average fuel consumption of less than 4 liters per 100 kilometers.

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