Motorcycle — safety on the road?

Motorcycle — safety on the road? Safety on the road — not an abstract concept. This is the result of many factors unrelated visible and sometimes invisible causality. Responsible Chief GU GAI MVD USSR B. KORYAKOVTSEV.
— On a motorcycle I «otkatal» more than 10 years. Started in 1960, the Inspector tool in the Tselinograd and completed in 1973 in Alma-Ata is the head office GAI Interior Ministry. I remember this time as the best. Maybe because it is generally remembered youth?
On a motorcycle I was, as they say, inseparable. Always admired his agility, ruggedness. He gave and a very special feeling of unity with the road and nature, sense of speed and pleasure from the process of movement. In addition, the motorcycle — the best way to hardening of the body.
Central Kazakhstan — pretty cool area. And we started going out with April and ends in October — means the season lasted six months. And no one complained to health: indeed, the inspector hurt much less then than now.
To tell the truth: I do not pony by May, why now is the motorcycle does not have in our front-line units of the former popular? At the first opportunity inspector strive to dive into the cabin of the car and sit behind the wheel of the motorcycle, though serving a fault.
By the way, recently I was in France and saw a motorcycle owned by employees of traffic police. Two motorcyclists were accompanied by our delegation on a fairly busy road with dozens of unregulated intersections. Without the hustle and bustle they managed to overtake us, to block the intersection, clear zone, along which our machines, to prevent a counter-trans port — and in doing so we never for a moment left without cover. These were the professional class. And do their job, they could only be on motorcycles!
Each year, through the fault of the owners of individual motor vehicles are more than 75 thousand traffic accidents, in which 12 thousand people are killed and more than 80 thousand are injured. This is even more frightening that such an accident killed and injured, as a rule, young people — our future, our hope. Sad peak was reached in 1989, when 82,733 road accidents killed 13,276 people and maimed 89,926.
In many developed countries, these figures are much lower anyway, the share of motorcycles in the overall accident rate for 23% of all accidents, 20% died and 23% of the wounded.
— Perhaps you could name the most frequent violations of the Rules of motorcyclists!
— According to our statistics, motorcyclists often err speeding; often ignore traffic lights, traffic controllers, violate the rules of the road markings and overtaking. Last
while the cases of departure on the road without registration, driving without documents, without helmets. It worries us is that behind the wheel of a motorcycle often sit down drunken drivers.
Because the rider is less protected, then, of course, when a traffic accident and he and the passenger are almost always suffer. In any case, the severity of the consequences there are always higher than that of motorists. The situation is exacerbated by the overall low-skilled riders: it behind the wheel again, sit mostly young people.
— In the cities, and in the villages has become a popular phenomenon, which we call a single word: «bikers». Your opinion about this!
— For us, the police employee, baykerstvo quite specifically. It is riding on motorcycles, in large groups at high speeds, with the calling to the fracture of traffic regulations and that no less than is typical — behavior. It is unlikely to work with this group of drivers can count on the success of some liberal measures: from that violators only pluck. I am convinced that there needed more stringent administrative sanctions.
Today’s legislation provides that «drivers of motorcycles and other trans tailors funds for participation in the group moving into cities and towns of interference with traffic or safety, subject to a fine of 50 rubles. or disqualified driving for up to three months. » Recently in Moscow penalty is increased to 100 rubles. But I can not say that it dramatically changed the picture for the better. The mechanism of punishment does not work when a motorcycle is no room, and the driver — no rights, no money. You’ve got to think about and to legitimize the process of compensated exemption of motorcycles from such breach lei. The work that is underway.
— What advice would you give our industry in terms of improving the quality of a motorcycle!
— Studies in the All-Union Research Centre for Traffic Safety (VNIITSBD) Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, showed that in 30% of major trauma are the elements of the wheel controls, wind shield and elements of his mount, side trailer.
The reason 70% of motorcycle collisions with other vehicles is their lack of visibility on the road.
Technical fault — even if the cause of approximately 10% of road accidents.
Distribution of accidents by type of faults in domestic motorcycles following. Depending on the motorbike cycle on the brake system malfunction must 22,4-31,2% accident; steering — 3,1-10,3%; wheels — 7,2 — 13,5%; lighting — 31,0 -48.0%.
These data clearly show that at first do is to research and development work.
In our view, given the analysis of accidents, we must first improve the system of electric motorcycles and external lights. To equip the bikes running lights used in the daytime. Change the color of motorcycles: make it more colorful, noticeable on the road.
Requirements for effective braking mechanisms remain virtually unchanged since the mid 60-ies and can not stimulate the developers. Until now, heavy and medium-sized motorcycles, except for one mo Delhi IL, are not equipped with disc brakes, although almost all similar models overseas have any.
Need to develop service motorcycles. Currently, technical failures on motorbikes occur 3-4 times more often than cars.
— What steps taken or planned traffic police to improve the accounting and registration of motorcycles, especially in the countryside!
— Indeed, in rural areas, as shown by expert estimates, up to 40% of motorcycles are operated unregistered.
Currently, the republican and regional units of D oc auto inspection is recommended that the registration of motorcycles in the district offices, traffic police, that is, to approach the place of registration to a residence of citizens. It is necessary to strengthen controls on the line, as well as the strengthening of measures of administrative responsibility.
You can not make this type of transport in the murder weapon! And especially I would like to draw the attention of parents. As the theater begins with a hanger, and the way rider starts at home. How parents can calmly look at how their son is barefoot, wearing only shorts, no helmet leaves on the road? But this can be seen quite often, especially in rural areas. More culture, more human relationships and respect.

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