Russian race bikes.

Russian race bikes. Dirt, sand, mountain serpentines, ford … Four stages «Russian enduro 2009»-four entirely different route. The battle for the title turned out spectacular.
In recent years, all stages of the championship of Russia on enduro took Dmitrov near Moscow. The route is laid down on the forest roads and trails that do not vary. Last season, everything changed. The first phase took place in Krasnodar Krai, near Tuapse. The most interesting and complicated part of the race took place right on the rocky bed of a shallow mountain stream. The second stage arranged in the Volga region, not far from Samara. The route ran through the steppes, which twists the engine, and dry sandy areas with huge gullies. At the same time the heat was over 30 ° C. The third stage of the participants fingerprints in the Central part of Russia near Tver, on dirt roads with fords and wetlands. The final chord of «Russian enduro» race became the fourth phase, which had the Caucasus, near Essentuki. 65 km route included high-speed parts, ford, rocky trails and slopes with a difference of heights up to 1000 m. The most spectacular DPKO (ALD — Cross section of a length of about 6 km, which should pass as quickly as possible) was the route Supercross motodroma «Sitez. On the first day of competition the weather allowed the participants to pass all three scoring circle route without too much trouble. The next day a little rain, and here the clay passes of the North Caucasus separated boys from men. The track has become a summer skating. Of the 65 participants, more than half (!), Including enduristy with experience, not able to drive more than one circle. He distinguished himself as the master of sports Alexei Kolomytsyn (Honda CRF450R, Factory Cannibal racing, Kaluga) — he was the only one on this day went the distance without a single penalty (Alex was the best and the first day of competition). He brilliantly won all four stages in the absolute, without losing a single race. And to his many sports titles added another, and now Alex Kolomytsyn, twice champion of Russia. «Silver» won him a permanent rival — the master of sports of international class Alexey Naumov (BMW 450, «BMW enduro Russia, Kolomna),» bronze went to an experienced veteran of enduro and from Kolomna, sport master Roman Zolotov (KTM EHS450, SC «Norton» ).
Won his skills 18-year-old racer from Samara Alex Nikishkin (Yamaha YZ450F, SC Tehnosporttsentr «), who won the championship of Russia among juniors and master of sports. In his class, he also did not lose a single race! And in the overall classification (Class Open) Junior Championships concluded at the second place (behind Alex Kolomytsynym), pushing on the third line of Alexei Naumov. In the Open class and went to a few athletes from the Baltic. The best among them was the driver of Riga Edward Stefanovic (Yamaha YZ450F, Latvia) — in his fourth place.
For the first time in the championship enduro pilots participated and ATVs. They started at two stages — in Samara and Essentuki. Each route had its own — local — heroes. At Samara route both days excelled Constantine Davityan (Yamaha, Samara). In the Caucasian route in the overall standings to first place went Volzhanin-Davityan.
Excellent organization of competitions was visible to the naked eye. For example, at the races in Essentuki «air support» provided a helicopter company «Heliaction». Its functions include assisting the judges, medical personnel and the race participants, who went off the road. And in the entertainment part, two helicopters showed elements of aerial acrobatics.
Summing up the competition, the committee chairman enduro at IFR Alexander Nikitin (master of sports on multi-day race, a bronze medalist FIM) said that over the previous year, the number of participants has almost doubled — 136 people. A good deal of racing clubs in the Volga region, intensified South — Adygea and the Caucasus. At some stages of the athletes came from Riga.
«Finally we were able to» Russian enduro «in four phases and expand the geography,» said Nikitin. — The Caucasus has always been a tasty «dish» for mnogodnevschikov. An important point in the competition was the addition of a new class — ATV. Enduro ATV — a tentative step. The official partner of the competition made Gazpromneft, and in the future, this duo promises to give good results.

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