Safe sportbike.

Safe sportbike. In a number of «active» liter sportbikes awaited reinforcements — the BMW finally introduced «live» S1000RR. Sled Dog presentation was held at the Portuguese track in Portimao, which is quite logical — the bike «taught» to ride, in addition to the factory test, Ruben Chaus and Troy Korsør throughout the season WSBK. And as strange as it may sounded, we got the most powerful and at the same time the most Nonsense? Not at all!

I will try to prove the validity of such a seemingly absurd allegations. «For» vote of DTC (Dynamic Traction Control — Traction Control) and Race ABS (I think, to transfer too). On the credit side and grip on the back slips and kvikshifter. How it all works in conjunction with a powerful engine, quite unexpectedly unable to verify .., in their own skin. Cloudless weather in the south-west of Portugal on the day of the test surprises — from the morning rain. To put it mildly, not the best conditions for the friction test, especially when you consider that at the same time held a presentation and a new tire Metzeler Racetec BB — «civilian» version of the racing KO, K1 and K2, and it is certainly not intended to «rain» Race …
But none of the «Support Group» BMW — nor Marcus Poshner responsible for project C-and S-series, or Hans-Juergen Yarays — a leading developer of DTC and ABS, or other techies, not to mention Rubene Chausy and test — pilots speakers as instructors, anxiety did not show. On the contrary, said that it seems to us an excellent opportunity to evaluate the work of «smart» systems S1000RR. That’s just not worth switching from the regime RAIN (see «Moto», № 7-2009) … Total fixed driving mode 4 — RAIN, SPORT, RACE and SLICK. Differ not only the parameters of process management ignition and injection, — auxiliary systems are working differently. If you look at the specifications, the question of why the rain is better to travel in the intended precisely for such conditions mode, disappears by itself — curves are smoother, and the peak value of the power cut, plus ABS DTC and more closely watch the actions of the pilot, adjusting the error.
In reality, the first few cautious laps of the track of understanding did not bring — just ride, braking, cornering, are dispersed. But it’s wet! The braking should podkolbashivat, during acceleration out of corners the rear wheel must stall. Nothing like this has happened and with a gradual increase in the velocity of the circle. Even there were some sense of permissiveness — for everything under control! Disappoint fans of unhealthy emotions — nothing wrong with the damp, replete with climbs, descents and tricky turns Portuguese route has not happened. «Smart» system really and spend «one hundred percent». And their intervention so imperceptibly that there is a feeling that everything I do. I tried to exit from the rotation to drive through a puddle, carefully opening the gas is much more than you need … and nothing — DTC very soft «upsets» the engine, allowing only virtually invisible breakdown rear wheel. The same picture is on the brake — wheel lock does not occur, while slowing down the maximum possible.
But this is not just security — going as fast as possible for these conditions, with each circle improve the results. After all, just hard to believe in the possibility of systems, it is difficult to entrust their health soulless electronics. But it really helps! And as soon as there is trust, the rate is increasing, and seemingly not rain tires held great. At some moments it seems that BMW engineers have something to fix the laws of physics. And at the same time, it remains possible «on the fly» to disable DTC and ABS, with separately in any mode (button on the left klipone). However, the desire to try what was going through the rain without «helpers» at 193-strong sportbike, there were no (swam, we know!). After all, is hardly on any other serial «sport» could be so fell in similar circumstances.
I deliberately did not yet talked about the dynamic qualities — in a mode-RAIN power is limited to «only» 150 hp How long has this figure was considered chutli not the greatest achievement? And now good only for the rain … But what would be even ten years from now?
The rain stopped, the line Autodromo Interna-cionai do Atgarve slightly dried, and I turned on SPORT, recommended for daily driving. Yes, you can switch modes on the fly — click on the right nlipone select the target, squeeze the clutch lever and closes the gas — everything is ready. After the «reboot» remains the last selected mode. In the «sport» power is not limited to, you can use all 193 hp And it was not enough! When leaving on a long final straight route to the fourth gear with the achievement of 10 OOO rpm, the bike quite clearly trying to lift the front wheel in the air — «Anti» is not enabled. Acceleration impressed … Without the support systems to curb this power would be oh how difficult! And here — open the gas is not particularly thinking (within reasonable limits, of course — such kalamburchik) — the device itself does everything. And, it turns out, to go damn fast.
RACE mode has a more direct response to the gas and not very different from SPORT, simply «filter» of electronics is little coarser, and allowing small drifts in the corners and light Vili. This regime may well be used in racing, especially on the first lap, when the rubber has not yet warmed up. But SLICK suitable for all «combat» conditions. The impression that turning the gas directly (as in former times) vozdeystvuesh on the throttle. ABS on the rear brakes at all disabled. Allows electronics trains and on the rear wheel.
Interesting motorcycle turned out at the Bavarians. Powerful and at the same time not intimidating. But if you look, there are present in virtually all racing gadgets en masse, the competition is all of this as something separate. Even kvikshifter, although only in the top-set. But this is a very useful device, transmission can be switched without the clutch, which is very time-saving, and in conjunction with «crept» clutch — do magic trick! In hard braking at speeds closer to 300 km / h pereschelkivat transfer down easy, convenient — and safe. The steering damper is also not a useless piece of iron, while it was S1000RR like it is not very necessary, because the electronics and just can not occur «raskolbasu» with which the damper and is designed to fight.
I can not mention one discovered a chip, a very expressive part of Bavarians approach to designing a motorcycle. Pendants SI 000RR fully adjustable, which means a large number of settings. And that you can come up with new? So, next to the adjusting screws Germans inflicted digitized scale, and screw themselves — notches. Elementary, Watson! And the click is not needed, and basic setup my suspension fully staged, including because of my weight — it is the average.
Track «Portimao» uneasy — with differences of heights, «blind» turns on him spend a lot of energy, constantly have to be collected. And on S1000RR for a 20-minute session, I almost did not get tired — a motorcycle is not just obedience, it really helps to go fast. In some moments, even disconnected from reality, as if they were in a computer game, and driving on the joystick. Exaggerate, of course, but …
All leaves that S1000RR has a chance to become a leader among liter sportbikes — and not just on the market! It seems in WSBK he also yet to come.
The author Dmitry Yudin.

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