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I dedicate the article to your father and all owners of motor scooters «ant». This is a commercial «super bike» my father is dead weight in our garage, that is stupid is the usable area, and generates around various metal trash. Hindered by the way my car. And I do not remember that my father went to the wonder more than 2 km in radius from the house. For scooter «Murov» had the property suddenly break into the most unexpected moments. Dad, read this article. )))
So, your scooter «ant» is often broken.
Gy Gy. First, we note that the motor scooter cargo operations in more stressful conditions than any road bike, and gear ratio transmission is higher: otherwise to take one or other cargo.Therefore, to achieve the same speeds, the engine must develop greater speed, and hence reduces its life, maintenance must be carried out more frequently, the amount of work will be increased. However, techniques and procedures of repair operations for the most part do not differ from those that have to do on a normal «Tulitse» or any motorcycle.
The most common defect is present in the engine — the destruction of the bearing cage in the lower crosshead. This may be caused by depletion of the mixture and the related lack of lubrication, improper choice of oil or a violation of its proportion of the fuel, poor mixing oil with gasoline, etc.
Lean is not only due to clogging the carburetor. For example, is mixed with fuel oil can settle in a settling tank benzokranika and clog its grid. If the same net long been cleaned from mechanical impurities — expect trouble. Be careful when installing septic tank lining: it can block the fuel channels. Reshimsya remind about the banal — clogging the vent gas tank — how many engines were «flogged» for such «small».
Finally, the difference in the levels of fuel in the tank and carburetor float chamber: the «ant» it is very small. And therefore, if the fuel in the tank is small and a big load on the engine (high speed), fuel can not miss. Then again depleted mixture, and wait for trouble.
Life bearing cages largely depends on the running mode. We can not withstand a given rate in the first two thousand miles, just «squeeze» out of the car all that it is capable of. It would be better to increase the load gradually, barely adding them every 500-600 miles and controlling the behavior of the engine, its thermal regime.
In addition, although the plant and stated that the engine develops up to speed 5000-5500 min, these regimes can not be considered normal. But in practice they are — not such a rarity.
Thus, abnormal running and perekrutka «engine — the real way to destroy the bearings. And another very important recommendation — not fold sharply «gas», passing on idle — if a mixture has almost ceased, and the crankshaft for some time continue to rotate with big turnovers.Failure to do so often leads to jamming crankshaft.
Well, what if this happened? Although the crankshaft engine scooter and is considered a non-separable, since its parts are press-fit, disassemble it can be, if there is even a simple press.Or even a stripper — but powerful enough.
Having examined the crankshaft bearings and replacing lower crosshead, to put it together again. Special attention should be paid to not to shift one cheek on the other — otherwise, will be unrecoverable vibration, which lead to breakdowns.
By the way, cause the displacement of parts or warping can be in more simple situations — when you try to remove with a hammer or a leading asterisk dinastarter motor transmission.Here, again, helps remover, even the most simple.
Not the most rare — failure right pin crankshaft. This could be a weakening of landing dinastartera. It is a symptom — a clear strong vibration — quite typical, and if you are careful, you will recognize the «disease» in time. A recipe here, is simple — a timely lift, although there is nuance.
If you pull up you often, and soon after attachment weakens again, you need to understand why.May have tipped the density of planting on a cone rotor pin (say, because of the nick on the landing surface), then you should get used surface using a fine abrasive powder and butter. By planting a violation may result in incorrect or simply sloppy installation of pins, as a result of the load is no longer perceived all tapered connection, but only the tongue. She, of course, can be kept long, and soon srezhetsya. And that — an accident on the road.
In the cylinder — porshnevoi group most frequently observed defects as loss of piston pin retaining ring (with your finger comes out of bobyshek piston and cylinder scratch) or cutting the pins piston rings (in the worst case junction of the ring can, turning to get to the window, whenThis ring is sometimes broken). The first trouble is usually a consequence of inaccurate assembly — the ring is not installed in the groove tightly enough. If there were no scratches on the cylinder, or they are shallow and do not represent any danger, you can drive by installing a new circlip. If bullies are deep and run along the entire height of the cylinder, repairs will be more time-consuming. There need to be either boring cylinder, or its replacement.
In the case of the pin, sometimes wine and plant. But more often a sin by the driver, who, setting the cylinder on the piston, did not notice that the joint of the ring not in place. Do not throw away the faulty piston. It is better to drill a hole under the pin through, had carved a new one with shoulders, install it in the piston and saw off the leg inside the piston. This pin will never fall.
Piston rings Poma and the fact that the piston is installed incorrectly. It should target arrow carved on the bottom, forward.
Sometimes the owners of «Ant» complain that quickly cut off the carving on the tube for mounting the exhaust pipe to the cylinder. Recover it is very difficult, almost impossible. But you can insure: it does not hurry to turn away the nut on the hot engine, allow to cool. Owners of cars last issue need not worry — now the factory moved to flange connection of the cylinder and the exhaust pipe.
Carving is the cylinder head is hurting less, if the candle twist on the hot engine. When the same thread in the head is damaged, do not blame anyone but himself. The fact is that if a candle screw too deep (as is the case with crumpled strip or lack thereof), then the part of the thread, which in this case acts as a combustion chamber, will be deposited soot. Eventually it will turn into a solid vitrified coke. And with eversion of candles, of course, spoils the thread. If so what has happened, and you feel that the candle «is not» better to remove the head, clean the protruding thread of the candle soot, and then unscrew the candle is no risk.
Most modern motorcycles shim under the cylinder head is not placed. But on the «ant» it is and how it is inherent in all gaskets, from time to time, burns, and more often if the head is weak or unevenly tightened. Nuts should be sure to tighten crosswise pre navernuv them by hand until it stops and then gradually increasing the torque.
On the scooter can not be determined at the hearing, sagged a motor circuit, whether it hurts for Carter: This prevents the fan noise. However, indirectly the state of the chain effect on the value of the total backlash in the transmission. And, if found, should not delay the case under the carpet, remove the left crankcase cover and check the chain. It needs to be replaced, if the star can be put off at the height of the tooth, or if by force of arms the lower branch of the chain concerns tides crankcase.
Defects in the clutch more often a consequence of structural peculiarities scooter: cable drive here much longer than that of the motorcycle and therefore has a greater resistance. Once it disappears grease or dirt gets into the shell, the force required to move the tether increases many times. However, under this total length and shrinkage of the shell (the change of its length) is quite appreciable, the amount of these reasons is enough to clutch not completely inactivated. The cable in this case must be removed, well washed in kerosene and oil. More difficult to repair, when the clutch «is» because of the large generation of grooves leading (large) drum and warping metal (slave) drive. Wear or distortion of the latter can lead to clutch slippage.The development in the grooves is well seen in the eye, the surface can be somewhat align a file to disk does not hang. Some craftsmen after such revision is inserted into a groove yet and specially constructed steel U — shaped brackets — but it already requires high skills and because not everyone is available.
Flatness slave drive is checked for clearance using a steel ruler, the applied edge to the disk.
By gear Tula scooters serious comments were: This unit is reliable and durable. If the same violations in the work and noted that, as a rule, only after the dismantling of the power unit and unskilled assembly in which the most frequently incorrectly drum set with forks gear.
In conclusion, we call those few books that covered issues of repair and maintenance of motor scooters in general and trucks in particular.
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