Stritfayter and not Cruiser — Rocket III.

Stritfayter and not Cruiser — Rocket III. It may seem trite, but the appetite comes with eating. While designers of sports bikes and off-road motorcycles are fighting for every gram of weight, the creators of such vehicles as the Triumph Rocket III Roadster, consider: the more the better. Engineers who restored the company Triumph, encouraged by the new owner, John Bloor, first created in opposition to modern motorcycles Japanese concerns, then played in the nostalgia with a two-cylinder models, and then think: Do not create something that the world has never seen before?
Draft cruiser longitudinal «troika» was born in 1999 — then under the symbol C16, which meant quite a moderate working volume: 1600 cm3. Closer to the production of the draft has changed the designation on the C20 — the designers decided to make a two-liter engine is serial, so that by the factory tuning kit wishing could increase its business volume to 2.3 liters. And then, company executives thought: what things small? And in the June 2004 submitted Triumph Rocket III engine swept volume cm3 229D. Nor was right: immediately received 1,500 pre-paid orders (not bad, considering that in 2003 the company produced only 20,000 motorcycles). Since then, the family sold 18000 vehicles Rocket III (in which, apart from the basic version, also includes the modification of Classic, and Touring). And 34% of «missiles» have emigrated to the United States.
But times change, and the role of the classic cruiser in the production program has to perform a new Triumph Thunderbird model with 1600 cc transverse precision layer «deuce». Therefore it was decided to reposition Rocket III: he is no longer kruier and stritfayter! The basic model and Classic retire (Touring is still in production), they took the Roadster.
«Now in our program for fans of classic cruiser aims Thunderbird,-commented Simon Uorburton, product manager for the company, — a Rocket III, we derive from the cruiser and directs it to another sector — buyers Muscle Bike.»
Design News has created an American, Tim Prentice, once he became famous for a spectacular bike Honda Valkyrie Rune, and most recently worked for Triumph — Thunderbird also his creation. No less than the appearance, attracts price: UK Roadster worth 109A9 pounds — 1050 pounds less than the previous basic version, and it is not comparable with the 17,499 pounds that lomyat for Yamaha V-Max — the nearest market rival. Ah, yes, there is still Hariey-Davidson V-Rod Muscle — both American and weak, and … expensive. So Triumph offers you more for less! As for color selection, you can order any … provided that choose black. And two types: classic or metallic Phantom Black, or Matt Matt Black.
Certainly, John Bloor — Far rodstvennichek Henry Ford. )))
(When started, assembly-line production of Ford T, it was found that the available paints then dries quickly only black enamel. Therefore, a question from a buyer, what color you can paint over the car, Henry Ford said: «Anyone — provided that select the black»).
Repozitsioniruya Rocket III Roadster in the sector stritfayterov. Triumph reposition and driver. The seat changed shape is shifted forward by 14 mm and down to 10 mm, and the step (round — no platforms!) Shifted back by as much as 123 mm. So the landing of the driver — not kruizerno-relaxed, and classic line, which contributes to better control over the machine. At the same time, the seat height — 750 mm — small enough to biker normal growth easily put both feet on the ground when stopped at a red light. Light soaking clutch, smooth engine performance. importantly — the perfect balance of all motorcycle contributed to the fact that the owner does not particularly strained when driving this impressive machine, with its considerable — 1695 mm — base.
At the same time, this database, a large mass (367 kg curb weight, with 24 liters of fuel), very low center of gravity and perenastroennye suspension (rear spring stiffness is reduced by 20%) contributed to the fact that the bike is phenomenal stable, and no road bumps not able to knock him from the trajectory. Chrome mirrors not only look great — and visibility is excellent in them, but not annoying vibration at high engine speeds. Levers clutch and brake — adjustable. Although the brake system is not combined, as in many other big bikes, big plus — ABS, which is a series of Rocket III is set for the first time and is standard. The system works perfectly — I tested it on a wet road. Tires Metzeler Marathon perfectly kept, but when I still provoked them to slip, ABS intervened very tactfully and appropriately. The best compliment I can give — from such a system would not have refused, and BMW …
On the dashboard — two large speedometer and tachometer dials, each with built-in LCD. I was most pleased with the appearance of the index included the transfer. For such a large and tyagovitogo motor it’s a must! I remember a couple of years ago, experiencing a Triumph Rocket 111 Touring, I then raced for a long time on the fourth, then tried to tuck in a non-existent sixth …
But enough about «little things»: a major part in Rocket III Roadster — is his motor! Madly tyagovity and powerful, with an absolutely linear characteristic, it is 6% stronger than previous versions, and torque has increased by as much as 15%. Click on the starter button and dive into a whole symphony of sounds: the hum of gears, the tapping valves and, of course, the benevolent rumbling exhaust. Incidentally, the catalog of accessories for the new model is and straight through muffler — «only for the track», ha-ha — so it sounds even better!
No drive when you start pulling the concentrator does not need: Keihin control unit takes care of the mixture. Since the second and higher, you can switch up without soaking clutch — and this despite the main transmission shaft. And when you go out in top gear, there is no need to switch down to speed: just open the gas and nesites! Motor car easily accelerates at a higher already at speed of 50 km / h and spins a lot more fun than one might expect from the unit working volume of 2.3 liters. The tachometer red zone begins at 6000 rpm, but the maximum speed of 190 km / h (which triggered limiter) motorcycle gathering at 4800 rpm in top gear, or at 5800 rpm in fourth. So there, where to turn to specialists in tuning! «Of course, we envision a potential engine Rocket III, — Simon agreed Uorburton. — But for us in the first place has always been reliability and manageability, so fun with the dynamics we will leave to specialists in tuning — they have done well with the same engine! »
Despite its power and mass, Rocket III Roadster bad behavior and when driving
in the walking pace — thanks to a very soft and controlled reaction to the opening of the gas. Well succeed him and turns — the bike is perfectly balanced. Gazania, when standing still enabled neutral — and the motorcycle slightly deviated to the right, but in general the reaction is balanced by a parallel longitudinal crankshaft counterweight shaft and gearbox, rotating in the opposite direction. In the course of this reaction appears only if you start playing with gas at high-speed right turn. However, to extreme sports are not an issue: motorcycle just reminds you that it’s not like everything.
Threateningly, dark and muscular, the new Triumph Rocket 111 Roadster downright oozes charisma, and the dynamics to match. Well, I train at the maximum — stritfayterah West and East, and now I can say frankly that my sympathies rather on the side of British Paladin than yamahovskogo Japanese samurai. And the price has nothing to do with it! Just Brits have once again made a motorcycle that has become a benchmark in its class.

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