What is the distance you can travel at the wheel of the motorcycle, moving the rear wheel?

This is an important issue, which is raised by bikers in his, if I may so call it, practice.Significantly more high art show participants motorcycle racing on ice, speedway, Ledogar, motocross.
But there is a category of motorcyclists, who are set to achieve this result, that their names were inscribed in the famous Guinness Book of Records.
American J. Domokos on the track at Talladega (USA), driving a motorcycle «Honda IksR-500, June 27, 1984 passed without interruption to the rear wheel of 233.34 kilometers. He stopped only when exhausted petrol in the tank. But the maximum speed when driving through the rear wheel has reached the Frenchman R. Alme. During the special races on the ring road «Silverstone (England) he showed an average speed of 221.43 mph
So how do you learn to ride a regular guy on the rear wheel of a motorcycle?
Thus, reprinted from zabugornogo publication states that it is better to conduct classes on bike type Kawaski ZXR1200, because these motorcycles have an excellent mid-range power distribution. Smaller motorcycles require a great effort from the driver to perform a trick, but in this case, all that is required, well gazanut — and the front wheel detaches itself from the ground and begin to rise.
Training band is divided into three, roughly equal segment length of 100 meters. The first segment bike accelerates, the second segment is given directly to perform tricks, and the third section of the motorcycle resets the speed and slows.
In order to exercise is done most simply, it is necessary to bikes in first gear and accelerate at the speed of 21 miles per hour (33.6 km / h).
When you perform an exercise for the first time, there are three possibilities.
You can gracefully lift the front wheel drive on it, and clearly put it on the ground (none of us for the first time this is not done).
You may feel squeezed and tense, not strong enough to include natural gas, and as a result of both wheels will simply spin faster on the road surface.
Or a third option: you can so dramatically increase the power that the security device including rear brake and the bike with such a force having struck the front wheel on the road that you have a piercing roared her voice (want to ask, how do I know?).
The secret lies in the skillful controlling the throttle. The control provides stability and softness.
Good luck to all bikers Stunt Man! 🙂

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