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Экспериментальный Piaggio P 104 1995 года

Симбиоз скутера и вертолета от Piaggio. Хоть автор аннотации брызжет ядом в попытке об..ть данную модель. Мне лично этот скутер понравился. Да, да. И стеклянный колпак понравился. Люблю футуризм. Модели будущего. ))) Читать далее

Scooter with electric motor

Scooter with electric motor. The famous «cobra» Viktor Pugachev, he has done for Su-27 fighter, produced, seems an indelible impression on the West. At least in the production program of the firm.
Serial production of motor scooters with an electric motor start Netherlands firm Maharishi Technology Corporation. Electric motor power 0.56 kW at 1200 rpm, two batteries with a capacity of 56 Ah provide mileage within a radius of 60 km per charge at speeds up to 25 km / h. Rechargeable batteries can withstand 300 charge cycles, which corresponds to about fifteen thousand miles. The charge is carried from the mains voltage of 220 V. Chassis — Conventional motorcycle type: telescopic fork in front, tilting rear drum brakes, alloy wheels. Author project — Indian designer Mahesh Yogi Maharishi — plans to expand in the future production and small electric vehicles.
Quiet and environmentally clean electric transportation attracted increasing attention of Western European customers. Several firms have submitted to his attention bicycles with auxiliary electric drive.
Certificate of compliance with ECE Regulations — document, allowing to sell automobile and motorcycle production in virtually all countries of the world. Have been certified by the Central Avtopoligone in Dmitrov near Moscow, Izhevsk Motorcycles IZH-6.113-01 «Jupiter-5-01 and IZH-7.107» Planet-5.

Scooter «Lotus»

In the winter of 1992, at the end of February, I had to visit the Tula Machine-Building Plant. Passing through its territory, said a scooter drove past quite unusual shapes. As a result of rapid — an investigation found out that this is a prototype of a new machine that will not only replace «Tulitsu, but will also become the progenitor of the whole family.Certainly, the desire to test the technique.
Moreover, if we were asked to treat novelty as critical and can then share their impressions, which will appear in the tests. Thus, we can say took part in the final design of the new model. Читать далее