8.157-01 KMZ-Dnepr, hello superbike!

Dnepr, hello superbike!

Nature, as we know, abhors a vacuum. Therefore, our lack of the type of heavy motorcycles tried to fill the lone enthusiasts. They were something more, sometimes less, but they were always. Their growing numbers of restrained only by the fact that until not long time there was a ban on the operation of such motorcycle. Which became a massive passion for young people in cities «superbike» may become a sort of push to repeal the ban, and the beginning of the release of the Kiev motorcycle factory per howling national heavy «single», which received the designation 8.157-01 KMZ-Dnepr.
What are the differences between the new bike from the base model CMH-8.155 «Dnepr-11»?
In general, many of them. But they are all associated with a fundamentally different approach to operating a motorcycle with a sidecar and singles. Although the gearbox kept reverse gear, but the lever switch on blocked special emphasis, because for «single» this transfer is not needed. The very same box, keeping all their gear ratios, differing only gear drive speedometer. Undergone significant changes in front of the motorcycle. She got new headlights bracket, upper and lower bridges steering column, front fender and fork tips of feathers. To reduce the stiffness of the suspension applied to her other, softer springs. The plug is now equipped with rubber casing. There were plastic side panels, several improved the appearance of the motorcycle. To reduce the center of gravity is reduced wheel diameter up to 18. This shortened clearance by 25 mm, but increased the stability of the motorcycle on the road. To increase the maximum speed is reduced ratio of the main transmission to 3.89 by installing it in a small (leading) a conical gear with a large number of teeth (9 instead of 7). But if you want a motorcycle can be operated with a sidecar. Will decrease only by his pickup.
Specifications motorcycle CMH-8.157-01 «Dnepr» in parentheses are the distinctive data model CMH-8.155
Length, mm, not more than 2250 (2500) Control fuel consumption.
Height, mm, not more than 1200 (1100) liters per 100 kilometers, less than 6.0 (7.5)
Width, mm, no more ground clearance, mm, not less than 760
100 (125) Fuel consumption in city cycle, l, no more than t * L

Weight dry kg, not more than 220 Braking distance from a speed
The angle of heel, hail., Motion of 90 km / h, m, not more than 49,2
At least 35 gear ratio of
Maximum load, kg 170 transmission 3,89 (4,62)
Maximum speed, km / hour. Tyres 3.50 — 18
not less than 125 (100) (3,75 — 19)

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