ATV from «Tulitsy. Mad handles.

ATV from «Tulitsy. Mad handles. Continuing to talk about home-made designs, presented at last year’s contests, we want this time to stay on a relatively small group of three-and four-wheeled vehicles for special purposes.
Their authors have pursued the understandable purpose: to fill a gap in the type, do for yourself something universal, which would enable and drive like a car and plow like a tractor. And besides, would remain relatively cheap — as a motorcycle.
It is known that the more universal than some kind of product, the more it loses in every single quality. Probably, it is known and amateur designers, members of our competition. If, nevertheless took a risk, plunged into the maelstrom of the unknown, so too was great need for such carriage.
To his credit: artisanal single motor out of the woods: they managed to not only solve many technical problems but also find new approaches that show, perhaps even new directions for the national motopromyshlennosti.
His story, we begin with ATV (photo 1), which served as the basis for a scooter «Tulitsa. Al Bert G. Shumilov managed to make an original way to combine the basic design with an additional four-wheeled chassis. This shows that the functionality of serial machines have not been exhausted before the end.
The front axle of a new vehicle does not have a soft suspension, but its design provides a reliable contact with the road. Rear axle, also without suspension, made together with the frame, which is organically frame «Tulitsy» with all ulami and aggregates. Of course, comfort with the lost. But the author took the path of maximum simplification of technical solutions, clearly defining for ourselves and the scope of ATV (groundwater, rural roads), and mode of operation (no need to hurry, but the potatoes need to carry). The mass remained within acceptable limits — 200 kg.

Electrical Technician Anatoly Golinko and driver Ivan Kozulia from the village of Leninsky Cherkassy submitted to the competition they have developed a decade ago «motopoezd», which included a somewhat modified scooter «Tulitsa and trailer (photo 2). In addition to the semi trailer they created a tipping platform.
Load trailer — 500 kg; dump platform — 250 kg and a maximum speed of a laden motopoezda — 55 km / h.
In an environment of amateur designers Alex Ülle (Narva, Estonia) is already known as the author of the original vehicle, which he and his brother was represented at the contest «Avtosam-89. The brothers worked masters of industrial training in a vocational school Narva, lead circle of technical creativity. It was there, and they have created a variety of designs automobile and motorcycle technology.
In our review, they presented quadricycle «Bara-boo,» photo that you see. And this piece was a true sensation and focus on the competition.
Constructed on the basis of units and aggregates production cars and motorcycles, «Bara-boo» showed a sample of a new trend in which, at least, we have appeared and where the need for creativity is almost unlimited.
We say «we», because different kinds of three-and four crews for entertainment and sports «they» are a long time. You could even say that the wave craze of it subsided. To us it’s the same now a belated echo. Fortunately, not just delayed, but passing through a major change to the amendment to our real concerns.
While the industry is slowly and clumsily and create for many years, experiencing and brings four-wheel ATVs, designers single almost in every village, build on their own so they need in their daily lives «movers» and «Truck of the Torah.» Not everyone is a semi chaetsya nice, but all machines are working!
Works and «Bara-boo». Besides, she’s beautiful.
Unlike most such machines, which are usually used powertrain «Tula», «Bara-boo» is based on the nodes and the engine «of the Urals.
Front independent under Veska type «McPherson» with variable characteristics made using elements of the front fork motorcycle Voskhod-ZM. The steering is newly designed with some units of ZIL-130 and motokolyaski FDD. Unusual kinematics of steering gear with hydraulic damper provides the optimal angle of the gate front wheel ATV through changes in the slope stands the suspension and turning them around joints about partite jet rods. This design, in the opinion of experts, not only sufficiently original, but, as shown by our later tests, and a very positive impact on the stability and manageability.
The design quadricycle used the serial, but a shorter rear axle M-2140, established independently by three pro longitudinal arm (upper in the form of a triangle) with spring-hydraulic shock absorbers on a motorcycle IMZ.
The wheels of the car «Moskvich» with the tires of racing «Estonia» (front have the size 195-535-13, 170-535-13 rear) give the car sufficient stability.
Quadricycle equipped with easily removable decorative plates of fiberglass.
The original solution designed for double wide seat, cargo platforms in the area of the front and rear wheels, indoor and opening «tilting» the luggage box, located under the rear cargo platform, cataphotes, bright colors — these are the methods with which to power designer A. Ülle (a it is so written in the «Bara-boo») has created a real «holiday heart» for lovers of technical innovations.
Direct acquaintance with the driving characteristics quadricycle held here, at contests, during the trial races, for running these experts and members of the jury. The increased interest of professionals in the field of development and testing of motor technology for this exhibit predetermined research in a sufficiently full. Their result — a unanimous opinion about the desirability of the authors of technical solutions and functional compliance of the vehicle the desired mode of operation. And as a result — the first place and the title winner of the contest «MOTOSAM-90.
On this and could put an end to the story of «Bara-boo.» But not in the story about brothers Ülle. Introduction to convince them that it was extremely talented and creative people. By pooling around him in the car and film photo mugs 20 people (out of 300 students in SPTU-14, which is set every three years), they have several years of work to create dozens of designs mototransportnyh means … and dozens of movie film. By educating children, they teach them not only trade, but of life itself, building their own «homemade», they not only solve technical problems, but create objects of «material culture» (in the words of Alexei). In this regard, it is valued individualism: while all work together, but everyone knows that «this machine of mine, but this one — yours.» Appreciate the innovative thinking, new ideas are born. Incidentally, in avtokruzhke 80% of ideas belongs to Alexei, 20% — to Matthew. In the film fotokruzhke — vice versa.
The result of such education is evident. On «MOTOSAM-90» brothers Ülle brought three of his students, one quadricycle (Bara-boo «), three tricycle (» Varan «,» Spirit of Narva «,» Mini), and one motorcycle. And left with another motorcycle — «Iz-Planet-5: Award Software Izhmash was their reward.
In general, we must emphasize that «childish» and «Youth»
theme for «MOTOSAM-90» sounded very powerful. Among the four-product should be noted roving trainer car («RUTA»), made by children in the House of young technicians in the city of Vologda, under the leadership of Anatoly Krylov. His auto engineering lab called the «DTI», which translated means «good cheer, create, invent». On the «Ruta» is powered cargo scooter T-200 «Ant», the drive from which there is only one thing — the back right — the wheel. All have independent suspension, but the hydraulic actuator brakes — only the rear wheels. Speed — 80 km / h (which is a bit too much in the absence of brakes on all wheels). Curb weight — 279 kg. Dimensions: Length — 2370 mm, width — 1200 mm, height — 1200 mm, base — 1600 mm gauge — 1100 mm. Of course, the adult behind the wheel a bit crowded, but sit near the instructor can. It is good and this product is that with the help of a dozen half-torus boys under the leadership of a talented mentor
(A. Krylov, an engineer, not a teacher) learn the basics of technical creativity, learn to think independently.
In photo 5 next to the «rue» quite visible «baby». This is not a model, but a real, as if it is more accurately called, probably motto scooter for children.

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