Honda, the top began.

Honda, the top began. So, I’ll tell you about the famous bike manufacturer Honda, he started started, the history of development and establishment of Honda in the global market. Very funny story.

Surprised, but the world’s most popular motorcycle — no sportbike, cruiser or enduro, and unpretentious skuteretta Honda Super Cub. For half a century in Japan and other countries have done more than 60 million (!) Of these machines.
Time and place: the summer of 1954, the Paris airport Orly. A short man with Oriental features angrily pulled on a two sweaters and a heavy coat, stuffing the pockets of some piece of iron. Odds! Attack would take with more … details and technical literature.
This is Mr Soichiro Honda, the president absolutely no one in Europe is not known motorcycle company, returned from his two-month trip. However, the most important thing is not to weigh in the scales and does not take away customs: the priceless knowledge gained by visiting the factories, shops and showrooms.
Among other trends, Soichiro caught and such: on the European market appeared a vehicle that combines the efficiency and simplicity of the moped, the dynamics of a 50 cc motorcycle and scooter security: skuteretta. Here’s what should be a new machine, which will replace the motorbike!
I must say that although in the mid 50-ies production program included the Honda has a dozen vehicles, up to 350 cc Dream SB, the main profit was brought mopeds. Actually, the history of the group started with the fact that in 1947, Honda-san got on the occasion, and quite inexpensive little motor party from the army petrol generators. Having bought a small shed, he pulled a dozen workers for the installation of these «tarahtelok on bicycles. That’s opened the road to the Fireblade … Over time, the production of a motor, he mastered himself — under the name «Cub» (which has no relation to the «cube»;
The very first copy of the Honda Super Cub C100, released in 1958, was transferred to the prefecture of Tokyo. After 20 years of daily impeccable service company brought him back and put in his museum.
Honda Cub — ancestor model Super Cub early 50’s, just a bicycle with a motor, in English the word means «young» and read as «CAB».

Designing a new vehicle took three years. Finally, on Aug. 1, 1958 began its sale. And Honda is not born a weak and sickly «baby», but a real Super Cub. It’s okay cut the car in which all the mechanics hidden beneath coverings, and the driver closed the front leg shield. All units have been optimized for mass production: in the main frame of the stampings, stamped same korotkorychazhnaya front fork, locked with a three-gear four-stroke engine. And the engine is so simplified that the lubrication of bearings of crankshaft, located next to the camshaft, piston and cylinder carried oil mist, which kicked specially placed on the crankshaft counterweight to «scoop». Ignition — from magdino (magnetite with extra coil «in light»).
But not so he was straightforward, this Super Cub. Japanese designers hyped engine right up to 9500 rpm, removing him from 4,5 hp So the machine weighing 65 kg was overclocked to a speed of 70 km / h — not bad for a «fifty kopeks! Do not save on clutch: automatic, centrifugal (freight compressed package titles — patent Czech Jawa), it is easier for good management. And soon, went into production with the modification of the gun ignition system and electric start — at that time simply «deluxe»!
Already in 1959, concern began to export apparatus, and not just anywhere, but in the U.S., for the most pampered in the world market. And chose a rather unusual strategy, deciding not to appeal to motorcyclists, but for «ordinary» people from the street. The fact that the image of bikers in the U.S. was badly marred by (why? — Watching movies, «savage» and «Hell’s Angels»), and the man in the street do not try to get a motorcycle. And as parents just terrified to come, if the child was only hinted about buying something on two wheels. In response to the rejection of the group launched a campaign under the slogan: «You meet the nicest people on a Honda» («On the Honda ride sweetest people»), using in advertising the most attractive and appealing images. And the ad is placed not on the pages of motorcycle magazines, and editions of wide profile »-Time, Look, Life. It worked! At times, some mother told her friend over a cup of coffee: «The motorcycle my son would never be bought! I gave him a «Honda».
Advertising campaign in the U.S.

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