IMZ-8.103-40 «Tourist»

Irbit Motorcycle Plant «Uralmoto» long produces a modification of heavy motorcycle IMZ-8.103-40 «Tourist». The first experimental-industrial batch of new bikes released in 1990, and the summer of 1991 was begun mass production. Now available 35,000 motorcycles this modification, which is one-third of the total annual output.
This model is much better than the base IMZ-8.103-10 «Ural», designed to travel on bad roads, with the increased load. The main difference is noticeable at first glance — link front fork. Such a solution, greatly improving the smoothness of ride, improve the manageability discharged to 50% battery. Unfortunately, the volume of supply of component parts will not be allowed to install the system on all motorcycles «Tourist». But with the growing supply of electronic components, it will gradually replace the old in all of the Ural motorcycles.
Other — closed crankcase ventilation system — increases the fitness of the motorcycle to the environmental requirements. Because the crankcase is connected to a hose with a nozzle body air filter, crankcase gases are not released into the atmosphere.
Part of the Motorcycle «Tourist» spare tire and wheel all terrain, with developed lugs.Unfortunately, once again can only speak about the part, and again no wine factory, and a limited supply.
Over the spare wheel mounted spacious trunk, allowing to strengthen the folded tent, rubber boat or other cargo clearance.
CD player in front of the left cylinder protects it when driving on rough terrain.
Compared with the base model «Tourist» is equipped with richer — in the standard kit includes right rear view mirror, motorcycle windscreens and side-car on the front wing mounted yoke, allowing motorcycle rearranged manually. Accordingly, the price of a motorcycle is higher than the base case.
Technical characteristics of the IMZ-8.103-40 «Tourist»
Engine — a twin-cylinder, four stroke, reciprocating, overhead valve, cylinder diameter — 78 mm stroke — 68 mm, working volume of — 649 cm3; compression ratio — 7.0; Recommended fuel — petrol A-76 and the maximum capacity — 36 liters. with. at 5600 rpm.
Clutch — double disk, dry, gear box — four, with reverse gear, rear wheel drive — drive shaft.
Rama — duplex, tubular, front suspension — dlinnorychazhnaya; rear suspension — Swingarm; tire size — 3,75-19.
Dry weight of a motorcycle with a sidecar — 320 kg maximum capacity — 255 kg, max speed — 105 km / h Fuel Consumption — 8 liters per 100 kilometers, the volume of fuel tank — 18 l, including the provision of 2 liters.

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