«Iz» and «Tula» — a journey of bikers on the retro motorcycle

«Iz» and «Tula» — a journey of bikers on the retro motorcycle. Comparative trip bikers at a retro as «begotten» and «Thule».

Already, 50 km from Zagorska Highlighting recent solid stretch of road, we decided, in accordance with the recommendations of the water, reduce the pressure in the tires «Tula» to 0.8 atm, but faced with an extremely uncomfortable position of air valve rear tire. To him, it is difficult to get close because of the housing chain. Now if it was located on the left! ..
When did dirt track, the driver «Tula» by force of habit stood on the steps, pulled pokrossovomu and … almost fell. To manage this motorcycle because of its specific features (short base and wide tires) should be used. It is better to go sit and merged with the machine, maintaining the balance housing. It soon became apparent and the first advantage Rover — a broad front fender of personal protection against water and dirt, even in overcoming the deep puddles outright.
In Uglich crossed the Volga River and continued on along the left bank of st. Shortly after turning on the asphalt Myshkin diminished. And under the trees it Palkino we were face to face with incredibly huge puddle. The driver of an approaching «Kirovtsa» look, look, just came back and drove away.
«Sleep on it» — and we decided to spent the night on a steep bank of the Volga, postponing the problem of crossing the next day.
In the morning, will appreciate the depth and width of the obstacles off the road and engaged in bridge construction: the old reliance placed several poles and planks, and carried him to the crossing. To assess the controllability of motorcycles in this «extreme» situation, an operation supervised by a driver. Lightweight, short base and low center of gravity «Tula» he felt at her not as confident.
Before Myshkin on shore before the horns sandy, with shallow ruts from the trucks. On wet sand «Tula» is easily and confidently, IL requires more careful management. It becomes more stable by adding «gas», but even the most gentle bends sometimes loses traction due to the «asphalt» tread on the front wheel.
The next day the rain fell, got slippery mi edges of fields and fill with water gauge. On the viscous mud stations began to tell the advantage of «Tula» in patency. Even if its rear wheel began to dig, it was enough to get his feet on the ground and add momentum. Under its own weight Tula rover selected from almost any dirt! IZH same demonstrated its positive qualities: good traction characteristics of the engine can move confidently to the minimum speed.
Once on the tarmac near Vesyegonsk, first tested the brakes, because the wheels skid on the hub in the water and mud. The «Tula» all right, but only works with Izha front, disc. About him want to mention. Finally came a motorcyclist at least some confidence! Earlier, rain or an unexpected puddle could at some time to leave you with no brakes, now you can be quiet: and dirt, and water for disc brakes — no problem. Yes, and back-then refused not because of the outdoor mud: simply the excess grease the bearing reached the surface of the drum.
Soon after you were going to complicate the busy highway. And then the rain, going all morning, turned hard. Once it became possible to ascertain the effectiveness of the front wing and knee shields «Tula». At begotten ride in the rain on the asphalt was less than pleased, but helped advance is wearing a rubber suit.
Coley already talking about additional equipment, a few words to say about the trunk «Tula». Its design allows you to carry small loads, but from the cover locking seat impossible. But often need to get the pump, tools … And again: absolutely necessary lateral support. (The Cherubic it, incidentally, is very convenient.)
A piece of highway, 120 kilometers traveled without stopping, and already at the entrance of Cherepovets in «Tula» suddenly stopped off the clutch. As the rope was in order (in passing, we note that adjusting the emphasis on the motor is located in a very inaccessible place), climbed into the engine. He took off his cap visor hatch, discovered the cause — wriggled adjusting screw and nearly drilled a lid on through. Locknut with difficulty found in an oil bath under the basket clutch. He saw an eye, a tooth but give them credit: to pull the nut through a narrow slit, it took half an hour.
In particularly difficult areas begin to understand the dignity of forced cooling. A much more powerful IZH sometimes overheats, and the «Thule» you can go until the «overheat» the driver himself. Unfortunately, the current design there is a disadvantage: in the deep pools of the fan begins to suck in water and mud, throwing them onto the cylinder.
A good test harnesses, luggage and quality of fasteners was a 40-kilo-meter segment of the old, unperturbed mo cobblestone road Rybinsk, Uglich. To its credit, motorcycles, except Loose attachment to Kick begotten, not a single nut or bolt does not turn away and shock absorbers are not streamed. A few words about the launch engines. They always has embarked without problems. A din-starter for «Thule» created a driver increased com fort. However, under the veil of a hike hot engine Izha began to exercise a certain skittishness. But the «culprit» turned out to be faulty candle.
On the last bad stretch of road Uglich, Rostov can drive cars, even cars. But it was too broken asphalt! The «Tula» from the permanent privstavaniya driver slightly arched footboard and legs with them began to slide. (Do not transgress the driver: it weighs less than the «permitted» by the instructions 80 kilos!) IZH on this road feeling shaft like a fish in water, and having got into a deep pit, has demonstrated excellent characteristics of the front fork.
In Rostov, we drove the route from Archangel to Moscow. The remaining 200 km of asphalt were already walk.
There probably need to move on to conclusions. But we do not want to rush. For fifteen hundred miles, even difficult — only the beginning of the life of any machine. So why bother?
I. Ksenofontov, PhD. Technical. Science

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