Motorcycle «Tula» ТМЗ-5.951

Motorcycle «Tula» ТМЗ-5.951 since its release in 1986, became very popular among motorcyclists, especially in rural areas. However, during the operation revealed some shortcomings of the design. Tula Machine-Building Plant named after VM Ryabikova constantly working on them, were taken into consideration and advice us on avtopoligone which an annual certification test motorcycle. The result was a new model — ТМЗ-5.952.
«Tula» was integral fuel tank without fixing brackets (that was a lot of comments because of a leak to the places of welding), and without connecting benzoshlanga causing no comfort when removing the tank, combined with the soft suspension to the frame is dramatically increased resource work site in general, and comments on the fuel tank is not even after driving 30 000 km. New original design toplivozabora ensures full use of gasoline stocks. At the tank now costs tube with an automatic valve, excluding fuel spill in the fall,
The changes also affected the engine: used narrower piston rings, which are made from wear-resistant coating (they are now chrome-plated), which increased the durability of the cylinder-groups and reduced noise. Declined races move fuel (it is 3.5 liters per 100 km) and emissions. By the way, reduce the harmful effects of a motorcycle on the environment designers have paid very much attention. Alterations to the fan casing lowered heat-stressed engine and improved appearance.
As a result, work on the gearbox Tula were able to pick the most advantageous ratio of ratios, now 4, I send a few close to the third, the motorcycle has become a dynamic and «tyagovitee.
Introduced a new telescopic front fork, it is lighter than the previous 2 kg through the use of high-strength alloy steels and aluminum alloys. The design of feathers fork similar to that applied to IZH — Planet Sports.
Look at the wheel. Immediately apparent to the clutch lever and hand brake: they are comfortable and beautiful, providing a full clutch and front brake reliable operation due to the large progress in the cables.
New wings were a little more, it will be appreciated by rural motorcyclists. The wings are made of plastic, generally all fiberglass parts «Tula» replaced with polyethylene, and now the weight of plastic parts that do not require care, not corrosive, is 6 kg on a motorcycle.
In addition, introduced a large number of those «little things», which together improve the consumer qualities of the motorcycle. For example, change the design of plastic sleeves, which is used to mount protective covers her ass chain (old quickly put out of action). Probably no need to explain what does it matter. Modified design of mounting the battery and access to it has become easier. Implemented holders plug. True, the plant has other reserves. There are designs colored inserts on the side panels, inscriptions, performed stripe (they are very good appearance). KB Factory has developed a complete set of additional equipment: wind shield, roll bars, rack. Incidentally, all this has already passed the test. And if you go into serial production, the consumer will say many thanks to the plant.
In conclusion, reported that the results of certification tests in 1990 at the site NAMI of 20 innovations in 1915 found to be effective.

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