Scooter «Lotus»

In the winter of 1992, at the end of February, I had to visit the Tula Machine-Building Plant. Passing through its territory, said a scooter drove past quite unusual shapes. As a result of rapid — an investigation found out that this is a prototype of a new machine that will not only replace «Tulitsu, but will also become the progenitor of the whole family.Certainly, the desire to test the technique.
Moreover, if we were asked to treat novelty as critical and can then share their impressions, which will appear in the tests. Thus, we can say took part in the final design of the new model.
And now in order.
Getting a scooter, we went in mid-April. Held on the eve of the snow, the temperature was about -5 ° C. Settled, all the necessary formalities (it took almost the whole day), about 19 o’clock set off on the way back. Bearing in mind that first impressions are often the strongest of them basically tell. I’ll note that on a motor scooter before ridden only once.
Settled in the saddle, tried all the controls, brakes. Did a few laps of the site — and drove off. First impression: a scooter is very easy to maneuver and control. Dynamics is quite decent: with a traffic light goes out, leaving behind cars.
The road to Moscow is known to the smallest detail. First comes a rather battered old station of Simferopol highway. Then the suspension scooter demonstrated their
fine qualities: the impacts of nashlepok asphalt and wells that are not always able to dodge, practically handed to the driver. Brakes also have shown its effectiveness.
When left on the new highway, it was already dark. I had to turn spotlight. It is, incidentally, was borrowed from a car «Oka». The road is visible as day. If the serial production will be the same optics, the future owners of the Lotus can only envy.
Leg it Kilometer 100 (it should be noted that drove the three of us, I was accompanied by IZH P5 «and» Oka «), stopped to rest, check out the equipment. It became clear that Lotus must refuel. And it’s not a big fuel economy, but in a small tank capacity (less than 8 liters). Scooter — urban transport, for long runs are not very dedicated. And yet, it is desirable to increase the capacity of the tank.
While the daytime was quite cold, and the evening frost still sore, I’m not cold. Counter-flow is practically not felt: affected well chosen form the front panel and the presence of the windshield. Dirt and spray from puddles (and in them was enough) also did not fall on me.
By the end of the journey felt strangely tired in the back. Subsequently, having understood, I understood why. The fact that the driver’s seat cushion is strongly tilted forward and not to move out, we have all the time abut his feet on the floor. Naturally, the muscles get tired. So the designers seem to have over here, something to work.
Then scooter operated the entire season in the very busy mode to work every day — from work, and even travel for editorial matters. During this time revealed many hidden advantages and disadvantages of the new machine.
The most significant plus — it is the presence of the closed trunk. In front it is easy to put a fairly decent size bag, rain gear and every small things. And in the parking lot there is placed a helmet («integral»). The only caveat: the steering column, along with passing along the wires it is desirable to conclude a case, otherwise there is danger of damage to the wiring load. The rear trunk was used for storage of tools and spare parts. By the way, I want to note: if you loaded the front of the improved handling, a scooter becomes more obedient.
When it became necessary to carry out maintenance (adjust ignition, carburetor, check out the candle, etc.), we have embarked on this with caution, fearing that it will be difficult. But the main casing is removed is elementary, and at all units rented housing of the ignition system and power supply at a glance.
I personally would not have enough lateral supports. In urban environments (while driving with frequent stops) to drag up every time a motor scooter on center stand — it is not such a pleasant.
Overall impressions of the «Lotus» is best. Passenger motor scooter as a vehicle certainly has many adherents. He is especially good in the city, but on the highway does not lose benefits.
Yudin, engineer
Alas, a motor scooter «Lotus» in the series and was not included.

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