Mini bikes.

Mini bikes. I suppose it is not clear what good these mini bikes, and why they do buy. So, indulge yourself with minor kids did that. But the taste and color, as they say no friends.

Thus, the name of the famous «Honda» model Cub (if you discard the prefix Super — it’s all clear) has nothing to do with the «cube». It’s just a «puppy» — young wolf, bear, dog. Well, let’s see, that for «puppies» walk on Russia.


Actually, the skuterettah Honda Super Cub Japanese corporation and «drove» in the Guinness Book of Records as the manufacturer of the mass in the world of motorcycle. Features — auto clutch, 17-inch wheels, the tank under the seat, a sort of shield in front of his feet. In our market presents its many Asian clones: ABM Wind, Daelim CitiAce ON, GX Corvette, Keeway Partner 110, Patron Ringer 110, Reggy Breeze, Yin Xiang YX125-J, Zongshen LZX50Q-3 and LZX50Q-8.
Machines from different manufacturers vary in basic equipment: suspension (with or without hydraulics), brakes (disc or drum), the type of wheels (cast or spin-danced), trunk (some — with a basket), dashboard and headlights. From the point of view of management is important, what type of switching mechanism is applied: «circular» — direct or reverse, or «normal» motorcycle. Even small things — whether there is a chain transmission casing, what registration tidy and remote switch on the handlebars.
Poisons the life of the owner skuteretty brake pedal — it runs from the bottom pipe, and even if it does not click, cling to irregularities. Some models fail arched kick — because of his right leg «clumsy» and stands on the running side. Rather small (typically 4.5-liter) fuel tank, which is particularly felt at the 110 — and 125 cc models.
Approximately 3A Chinese market filled with such machines, and they in Tabor, mostly in rural areas — as the replacement of Soviet-era bestseller «Riga-13» («gazulke») and sovkopedam with two-speed motors Šiauliai. In our market are: ABM Delta, C-Moto 50Q-2A, GX Riga-4, Irbis Delta and Dingo, Lifan LF50Q-2A, Patron Universal 1950, Reggy Joker 1950, Sagitta Resistente, Zongshen LZX50Q-2A.
In addition to the squalor of suspensions, the mokikov the same shortcomings as that of skuterett: failed brake pedal and kick. And even «by eye» is impossible to determine the level of fuel in the tank, but no index. Among the merits of these machines — old style and primitive «tail»: almost all the iron and chrome, because the fall is hurting less than plastic scooters and skuterett.
An interesting variation — «zidovsky» mokik ZID 50 (modification of «Pilot» and «Go» different bodywork) with a motor Lifan, This car is well adapted to our conditions: old style and primitive duplex frame (all the rest «kabovskih» sets the frame open-ended Backbone), tolerable Suspension and Lighting (also from China). Comfortable, spacious landing, large steering wheel, to a machine devoid of disease Chinese mokikov — low-lying brake pedal. She has a relatively high ground clearance, and in the rural pampas «ground it touches. There are place under the saddle for the tool and the pump (this no longer generated any day not). Disadvantages: all brakes — drum, with indistinct control, seat — Single (not provided and passenger footrests), there is a full trunk.
The founder of the style — the company Regal Raptor from China. Its products are aimed at Europe, but also penetrates to us, and demand by chopperyaschey part of the population, not burdened with rights. In our market are: Forsage 50Q-3, GX Hot Rod, Patron King in 1950, Regal Raptor DD50E. These «chopper» hand-grip (except for a sly modification «Raptor» with a built variator) and all the signs of the class is obvious: the abundance of chrome to the couch landing. Even the sound of the exhaust loudly — and it plays the active safety: if a rider is not visible, then, at least audibly.
Rab. volume: 49.6 cm3 Dry weight: 85 kg Brakes: A / B Orient. Price: 45 USD LLC.

This variety is immensely popular in America, which shows the «Honda» and model XR50 CRF50F. We offer a road version Forsage 50 Motard and Patron Demon 50, both from China. A cursory examination of the impression that the lighting equipment and control instruments hastily fitted on the crossover bike. (Gy Gy Gy) Pendants quite energy-intensive and can go even adults.
Pitbayk Izhevsk of «Fast and the Furious» is more adapted for the sport. On some of these machines used manufactured in Russia duplex frame, they complete advanced suspension and brakes.
Another variant — the 125 cc SUV at extra-wide tires from a Chinese company FYM. Some disappointment left drum brakes both wheels and the road rather than enduristye suspension.
All cycles of this kind is characteristic lack of protection from flying out from under the wheels of mud. Fu …

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